I’m in the mood…to read By Liz & Lisa

We’ve been trading books since high school. Back then, we’d exchange juicy Danielle Steel novels like Secrets, Changes and The Promise. Even back in the day, we loved a happy ending.  And if there were some steamy sex scenes on the way to that happy ending?  Even better!

But even now that we’ve traded in our shoulder pads and skorts for underwire bras and Spanks, we still love to swap a good read. Well, most of the time, anyway…

Let’s just say sometimes one of us is in the mood for a darker and intense memoir (*cough* Lisa) and the other would rather just stay in her happy place (*cough* Liz). Or someone (Liz!) might BONE OUT over the entire Twilight series and the other (Lisa!) might, well, still be stuck back on New Moon. (Note to Twilight fans: before you unleash your inner vampire, she hasn’t given up on Edward and Bella just yet!)

We think book choices boil down to how you’re feeling when you’re ready to pop open that novel. So, whether you’re PMS-ing, feeling fat and depressed; or you’re perfectly caffeinated, having a great hair day and happy as a freakin’ clam (without the help of a little xany!), there’s always a book that fits your mood.

So, in honor of National Give a Girlfriend a Book Day, here are the books we’d give our moody girlfriends.


Candy Girl by Diablo Cody

This memoir about Diablo Cody’s year as a stripper will inspire any Bored Betty out there to try something new and exciting. It probably won’t send your girlfriend out to get naked for money (although Diablo’s “adventures” sure made for a freakin’ good story) but maybe she’ll at least finally give skydiving a try?

Diablo Cody’s writing is smart and funny; her way of describing a scene so you feel you’re right there in the strip club is incredible; and her ability to tell the story without judging an industry that the majority considers to be seedy and lowbrow is, well, cool.  So if you need to ignite a little spark in your life, read this book! And follow her on Twitter, she’s hilarious! @diablocody


The Manny by Holly Peterson

If you want to turn your brain off, forget about your problems and escape into the fun lives of women looking for love and happiness, we say Chick Lit is the way to go, yo! And if we had to pick just one (and not the one we wrote :) ) we’d give The Manny to any friend stressed out of her mind.

It’s a breezy read about an overworked NYC mom who decided to hire herself a Manny to help her out with the daily demands of trying to be the perfect mom, wife and corporate climber all at the same time. Oh, and did we mention that her Manny is one yummy piece of eye candy?  Uh-oh.

Overworked and underappreciated wife + Hot Manny= BIG TROUBLE!

No wonder Liz’s husband said N-O  when she begged him for a Manny of her own after reading this.  He knows better!

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The Divorce Party by Laura Dave

If you’re up, down and all over the place, we say any book by Laura Dave will bring you back to center. So to our emotional friend, we’d recommend her latest, The Divorce Party. This is a dual-narrative told by two women who both ride an emotional rollercoaster as one of them faces her upcoming wedding and the other faces her upcoming divorce.  But like any strong women, they navigate their way through it. It’s a great story (who knew about these divorce parties that go on?!) that will remind you that no matter how crazy and overwhelmed you feel, you can always come out on top. www.lauradave.com


Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Wrap this one up for your favorite robot and watch the tears flow! Seriously, Liz hasn’t cried that much since her daughter spilled grape juice all over her brand-new white Juicy Couture sundress!

It’s a wonderfully engaging story about lifelong friendship. (Gee, I wonder why we related to it so much?)  Firefly Lane follows two women from adolescence to adulthood and touches on what it truly means to be a friend. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry.(Liz!) And it will make you call your mom and best friend the minute you’re done reading to tell them how much they mean to you.



Happens Every Day By Isabel Gillies

Even though this memoir is about the sad and unexpected end of Isabel Gillies’ first marriage, it’s a beautifully written example of how even when things seem completely hopeless; when the rug is pulled out from under you; you do have the power to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and freakin’ get through it! (If she can survive serving her husband and his mistress a dinner over candle light, you can find your inner muscle man too!)

Isabel Gillies brilliantly writes the story of getting through a devastating time in her life with the help of her friends and  family; all while doing everything she can to protect her two small children. If we had a friend who was feeling down about her life, we’d give her this book. Because, it reminds you that, in the end, everything will work out–if you believe that it will.


So buy your friend a book today! While you’re at it, we’ll shamelessly suggest you throw this one in your cart www.amazon.com ;) It’s a good call for the “Need to freakin’ LOL” friend.


Liz & Lisa

XOXO Liz & Lisa

9 Responses to “I’m in the mood…to read By Liz & Lisa”

  1. Beth

    Has anyone written a book for those of us who are a- stuck in a rut, emotional basket case but doesn’t show it, dirt poor, can’t get hired at Walmart, addicted to iced mochas and her friends and family thinks she’s a lesbian because she hasn’t dated anyone in 4 years- kind of woman? If so- that book will be my Summer reading.

  2. Liz

    Seriously, I’m still campaigning for my Manny…do you think Kirby Atwood is available?

  3. Lisa

    If Kirby Atwood was available, you’d never go back to work again. You and Kirby “manny” Atwood would have lots of fun unrelated to watching your kids ;0 (Just kidding Mike Fenton. Just Kidding!)

  4. Lisa

    Beth–I think for many people that book’s called the Bible.

  5. Michelle Harris


    You won’t believe this, but I am reading the perfect book for you right now. It’s called Autobigraphy of a Fat Bride: True Tales of a Pretend Adulthood, by Laurie Notaro

    I can also recommend Chelsea Handler. Her essays seem to make everything else better. Well, funnier, at least.

    I’ve discovered the most of my friends don’t really read for pleasure. I can think of one off the top of my head that does and we swap books often. Neither of us can seem to get enough of Christopher Moore and Chuck Palahniuk. If I can find a buddy to swap graphic novels with, that would be great.

    Unfortunately, it seems that too many people just wait for the movie.

  6. Lisa

    Lisa H– Love Chelsea Handler. Have you read Are you there Vodka, it’s me Chelsea? I haven’t read that one yet, but I have it. But I loved My Horizontal Life!!

  7. Beth

    So, let’s see, the Bible or Chelsea. I’m leaning towards Chelsea. I watch her show once in a while and she is freaking hilarious.

    Speaking of reading for pleasure- my friends and my Mother thought I was nuts because I could read a book, or two, in a weekend. One Summer, I read every book on Oprah’s Book Club list, while taking 2 college classes and working. The best stress reliever-ever.

  8. Jennifer

    If you love Chelsea, I’d say get Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea as an audio book – Chelsea actually narrates it and it is beyond hilarious. I read My Horizontal Life and loved it, but to actually hear Chelsea narrate her torrid stories nearly caused a car crash or two since I was too busy laughing to worry about driving!

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