Some kind of (80’s) Wonderful By Liz & Lisa

ferris-bueller-p011“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” -Ferris Bueller

We were so sad to hear about the tragic death of Writer/Producer/Director John Hughes last week. And we can honestly say that his teen movies had more influence on us than we care to admit. As children of the 80’s, we pined over Jake Ryan (would still do him!) considered taking up the drums (go Watts!) and debated endlessly whether Duckie’s creepers were cool or not. (Liz was for, Lisa was against.) No other filmmaker captured teen turmoil like John Hughes. And in our humble opinion, there’s been no one quite like him since… (Who else could make us want to dye our hair red and wear mens’ blazers like Molly Ringwald?)

And it’s almost scary to think how influential these fictional teens were in our angst ridden, dramatic, very real teenage lives! (Sorry Moms–yet again!) From Pretty in Pink (Liz’s fav) to Sixteen Candles (Lisa’s fav) to The Breakfast Club (isn’t it everyone’s fav!?) here’s what we learned from watching our VHS tapes of these movies over and over again and what we continue to learn as we watch them on TBS over and over again.



* You should never, ever, under any circumstances (not even when you take pity on a nerd) give your underwear away. But if you do give in and give your panties to the prepubescent geek, make sure he charges his friends more than a dollar a pop. We say at least $5 for boy shorts and $10 for a Hanky Panky thong!

* Just say N-O to that weird new guy in town who keeps screaming, “Hey Sexy Giiirrrlllfriend”. And whatever you do, DON’T climb on that exercise bike with him… even if you’re sporting horrible headgear and think he’s the best you can get!

* On that note, think twice before taking a foreign exchange student into your home. Long Duck Dong would be fun for about five, maybe ten minutes!

* DON’T let your friends cut your hair when they’re hammered, even if it is caught in a door. Someone will open it eventually!

* It IS possible get the Jake Ryan’s of the world to notice you! (Note: this particular lesson led to ten years of dating assholes. Thanks John!)



* There can be major benefits to paying attention in your computer science class, ladies. Mastery of MS DOS+Barbie Doll= Hot older boyfriend with special powers! (We’re thinking a George Clooney robot could be hot!)

* Never underestimate the power of a Cougar! Kelly LaBrock had it going on and paved the way for the rest of us!



* If you live on the wrong side of the tracks and insist on dating outside your pre-determined social circle, beware of the asshole with the feathered hair and “super cool” Mustang convertible!

* You CAN rock a super-short boyish do’ and a leather jacket and still get a guy to fall in love with you…AND buy you some diamond earrings! (A lesson Lisa put to the test in the late 90’s!)



* When your choices are to date either “Steff”, “Blaine” or “Duckie”, you’re basically f*cked!

* If you hate wearing pink (like we do) you’re basically f*cked!


* When you ditch class and need a mode of transportation to get you in to the city, don’t take a Ferrari. Take the shittiest car you can find. No one is checking the odometer on your mom’s 85′ Taurus!

* Never underestimate the power of a memorable movie line. Even *cough* twenty years later, Lisa can still be caught saying, “Bueller…Bueller…anyone, anyone?”



* Detention can play tricks on your mind. If you’re kept locked up long enough, you can start thinking Judd Nelson is cute.

* Always wash your hair. Even if you can land the jock with your greasy locks, is it really worth it to forgo shampoo?

* No matter how many movies Anthony Michael Hall starred in, we still never found him cute! :(

xoxo, Liz & Lisa

13 Responses to “Some kind of (80’s) Wonderful By Liz & Lisa”

  1. Crystal

    LOVE this post ladies…. I can still quote Weird Science word for word. “You spit in this? You’re stewed buttwad! Do you know what time it is?!”

    And Watts is def one of my favs…. and Samantha…. and Jake Ryan …whatever happened to that guy? And, of course, “Oh sexxxxy girrrrrrlfriend!”

    So many good ones. Definitely so saddened by the John Hughes news.

  2. Lisa

    Patrice–The jury’s still out for me on Eric Stoltz… Not sure if you were a Lipstick Jungle watcher, but Andrew McCarthy has still got it!

  3. Lisa

    Crystal–John Hughes shaped our teenage lives! He’s going to be missed!
    I have you to thank for re-introducing me to Some Kind of Wonderful….Such a classic!!! I’m now a huge Watts fan too.
    And where is Jake Ryan now? Going to have to investigate!! xoxo

  4. Lisa Harris

    Oh this brings back memories. You know, back in the 80’s before they started putting black folks in movies, Molly Ringwald’s lips was the closest we could get. I’ve always been a fan.

    I think the biggest lesson from Pretty in Pink is that no one will love you like the guy that wants to be more than a friend. You’re better off if you give him a shot.

    From Ferris Bueller I learned how to call in slick at work…lol. To this day I make sure I take my share of mental health days. Thanks, Ferris.

    And from the Breakfast Club I learned that all those differences between people mean nothing and everything. You just know that on Monday, those kids never even looked at each other.

    Great post and very cool tribute.

  5. Kim

    Excellent tribute, ladies. GenX defined, no doubt. It’s interesting that John Hughes knew how to define us better than anyone else.

  6. Lisa

    Crystal–I just read that the actor who played Jake Ryan lives in Pennsylvania and owns a furniture store. He retired from acting sometime after Sixteen Candles due to the lack of good roles and the need to feed his family! Bummer!

  7. Liz

    Steinks, I’m on my way. How fast do you think we can get to Pennsylvania to buy an ottoman? xoxo

  8. Lisa

    Liz–Um… I’ll leave now and meet you there. I’m thinking he probably looks even better now!

  9. Lisa

    Kim–Thanks! John Hughes will be greatly missed but at least we’ll always have his movies. Does it get any better than Sixteen Candles? We think not!

  10. Liz

    I’m imagining a salt and peppered hair hunk driving an old-school Porsche. But he’ll probably be a middle-aged baldie with a gut and a minivan!

  11. Matt

    I owe John Hughes a big thanks for making it acceptable to lust after older women (Kelly LeBrock) long before cougars were trendy!

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