Watch This, Not That: Pregnancy Edition By Lisa

Since becoming pregnant (I’m 20 weeks!), some of my television watching choices have been more than slightly affected. Let’s just say there’s certain television programming that I cannot watch and have to stay very far away from. (I’ll spare you the details!) Instead, I’d rather focus on the shows my big belly self wants to lounge on the couch and watch.  Basically anything prego, hot man or DIY related!

1. Bethenny Getting Married? Confession: When Bethenney was on The Real Houswives of New York City, she kind of bugged me. I have no idea why, with all the drama queens on that show, she stood out. But then something happened. She got her own show and I immediately saw her in a different light. She got pregnant right around the time I found out I was pregnant. And I felt strangely bonded to her. I’m “older”, she’s “older”. I got married later, she got married later. In fact, we both had whirlwind years- marrying and and getting pregnant within months. I think she’s one of those people you either love or hate- but I absolutely love her. I love her zingy one liners and direct approach with people like her lovable, albeit often clueless intern. And I’ll admit that maybe I’ve become a little obsessed- searching for an hour the other day to find the exact stroller she had on the show!

2.Mad Men Since entering my second trimester, I’ve dreamed about Don Draper (John Hamm), um, more times than I’d like to admit (it’s almost embarrassing- almost!). They said “certain hormones” would finally kick in and boy, have they evuh! In the form of having the major hots for one dark and sexy leading man on one of my all-time favorite shows. Now ladies, if you haven’t tuned into Mad Men– if for no other reason than to scope out Mr. Draper, you’re seriously missing out! But even beyond this sexy drink of water (okay, I need to stop!) the show is fabulous! It’s some of the most brilliant writing on television. Not to mention the mean girl crush I have on another series regular, Joan Harris, (Christina Hendricks) because, well, she just has curves in all the right places! I actually didn’t discover this show until last year and was immediately hooked. I quickly rented all the seasons until I caught up. And I recommend you do too! But beware, between all the drinking (on the job!) and sexing (with everyone and anyone) the show makes you want to be naughty! (Or maybe it’s just me- the drink deprived, hormone surging prego?)

3. DIY Network There’s Garage Mahal, Kitchen Impossible and Bathtastic to name just a few. I’m such a die-hard fan that I even watch Man Caves. There’s something about the idea that I can lay my own tile that gets my juices flowing.  I blame my obsession with DIY on my pregnancy. I’m nesting, right? Isn’t that what pregos do? I feel so empowered by being able to “do it myself” that I’m planning to paint the nursery, install a closet organizer and put together the crib by. my. self. Because if the dude from Turf Wars says I can, then I can.  Right?

xoxo, Lisa

22 Responses to “Watch This, Not That: Pregnancy Edition By Lisa”

  1. Becca

    I’m not pregnant but when I was pregnant, I remember being VERY sensitive to what I watched.. as in, I couldn’t watch anything at all emotional! Literally, during my entire pregnancy, hubby and I watched baseball and the movie, Elf. How sad is that?! I guess that is all my crazy hormones could handle!

    p.s. Love love love Bethenny Getting Married, too. She is a hoot and so much fun to watch.

  2. Liz

    Maybe I need to get pregnant again because I just can’t get fired up to watch Mad Men! Great list.

  3. Lisa

    Becca- I can’t watch anything dark or negative. And NOTHING involving young children that isn’t happy as can be. Love Bethenny!

  4. CLP

    I am a HUGE Mad Men fan. LOVE it. Love Don Draper. Love Joan. Love the whole freaking show and it makes me want to wear lipstick, drink, smoke and be promiscous.

  5. Valerie T.

    I found Bethany annoying on Real Housewives of NYC too….the whole issue with her and Jill was irritating!! She could be a stand up comic with her one liners about marriage, pregnancy and being a mother…and Jason is perfect for her!!

    I only discovered Mad Men last month when they ran the marathon of all the seasons leading up to this season..and I watched them all!!.The name of the show is deceiving…but you are right it is brillant! The season when Peggy, don’t know her real name, (who I have a girl crush on) had the baby was so intense…I saw John Hamm (Don Draper) on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and he looks 15 years younger than on the show and the Peggy gal does that Excedrin commercial and looks 16! I realize now that the 60s look for people over 25 made everyone look older (the styles and hairdos, etc) unlike my age group at the time who all looked 12 in the hippy look!!!

    I prefer HGTV to DIY…but it is the same vib…and you will definitely notice the nesting/fixer up urges throughout your pregnancy especially toward the end!! In fact when you find yourself making vats of casseroles and freezing them, PREPARE for hospital!!

    Love the post!! Mom

  6. Jenn B

    My friend and I felt the same way about Bethenny! Really wasn’t a fan of hers on RHONY. But absolutly loved Bethenny getting married! Some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth is absolutley hysterical!

  7. Kourtney

    Ohhhh stay away from Drop Dead Diva! While I am not pregnant, there are still times (happens one time per month *AHEM*) where I am highly emotional. During that time when I watch Drop Dead Diva I find myself crying my eyes out at how much the lawyers care and what they do to help :) After my boyfriend stops laughing at me, he tells me he fears the 9 months that will allow us to start a family. But I do love that show!

    Bethenny was always my favorite on Real Housewives NY, but this last season of her and Kelly REALLY got on my nerves. SATCHELS OF GOLD!! (Although Bethenny was on Watch What Happens and admitted that off camera she had told Kelly that life isn’t always filled with rainbows, leprachauns and satchels of gold, so when Kelly brought it up on camera there WAS meaning behind it…only problem was Kelly looked KA-RAZY haha!)

  8. Lisa

    Mom- I agree that she could do stand up comedy. But I also wonder if some of her stuff is best because it’s off the cuff.

    Mad Men– oh, I can’t say enough good things. Glad you watch it too.

    DIY rules!!

  9. Lisa

    Kourtney- last season got on my nerves too. All that Jill sh*t was just too much! That’s funny about the satchels of gold. I didn’t know that back story!
    PS: Kelly is a FUH-REAK.

  10. Sally

    I love Mad Men too. It is very well written and the cast fits so well together. It is one of the shows my hubby and I always watch together. Another show we love is Rescue Me.. it’s Sex and the City for men! :D)

    I have stayed away from the RHO shows but have stumbled on Jerseylicious. It is a train wreck that I can’t stop watching. :) Maybe I should try the RHO shows, they do look interesting.

  11. Kourtney

    The Jill brou-ha-ha really was over the top. For anyone to make Ramona’s storyline look sane and make her the “normal” housewife – well they just need to be stopped!

    And thank you for making me laugh! My coworkers just caught me snorting to myself over calling Kelly a FUH-REAK! But that she is :D

  12. Lisa

    Sally- Will have to check out Rescue Me. Never seen it. Definitely try the RHO!

  13. Lisa

    Kourtney- it really was. Even too much for me who loves TV drama! She totally is a FUH-REAK. Cannot stand her. And not sure I’ll keep watching next season…

  14. class factotum

    If you want ’90s yuppie hotness and angst, watch “30something,” which they keep saying should be out on DVD soon. Michael! Hubba hubba.

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