The Royal Wedding: To watch Or Not To watch?

We’ve been BFF’s for over two decades, so sometimes it seems like we’ve almost morphed into the same person.  People often comment on our similar speech patterns, our common likes and dislikes and our shared penchant for really, really bad reality TV.(You’re Cut Off marathon, anyone?)  But there’s one issue that we VIOLENTLY disagree on.  An issue that is threatening to tear our twenty-three year friendship apart.

The Royal Wedding.

While Lisa is triple checking that her DVR is set and getting her tissues ready, Liz is rolling her eyes and wondering how Kate Middleton’s dress design is making headline news (isn’t the fact that a tank of gas now practically costs more than a bottle of really good wine more interesting?!)  And after Lisa publicly called Liz out on Facebook as a Debbie Downer: Royal Wedding edition, we decided to take it to the mat blog to make our cases.  And we’ll leave it up to you to decide who’s right! (and yes, we take bribes!) 

Leave a comment to tell us what YOU think and we’ll choose someone to receive a copy of Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins on Sunday night after 6pm PST.


Thirty years ago, I watched Princess Di marry Charles. It was live. There were no such things as digital recording devices. I couldn’t forward through the boring parts or rewind to catch something again. I just had to watch. And all I remember is loving every minute of it. I remember Diana’s dress with its big poofy sleeves and the train that seemed to stretch for days. I remember being wide-eyed with excitement that I was watching history in the making. (Even though I admit I was also pretty darn excited about this new thing I’d heard about called MTV which debuted just a couple of days later.) I didn’t know it then, but 750 million people were watching that royal wedding me.  That’s a mother truckin’ lot of people, people! So, um, yeah I’ll be watching this royal wedding too.  And not just because it’s history in the making again. But because I care about the really important stuff like what she’ll be wearing, how she’ll arrive(horse drawn carriage? convertible? what celebs will be there? Becks and Posh? Elton?).  Now don’t get me wrong, after a lot of sleepless nights with a new baby, I’m not thrilled about the early wake up call. But yes, I’m going to wake up (the DVR is only a back up) and soak it all in- LIVE. Take that, Liz Fenton!


Before you even ask, yes, I watched Diana watch down the aisle so many years ago in her ridiculously long train and loved every minute of it.  Fortunately for me back then, there was no such thing as a 24 news cycle.  My eyes weren’t bleeding with hours and hours of coverage on everything from the royal cake to Kate’s shoes.  I was able to turn on CNN and catch up on all of the actual events of the world that mattered, like Japan’s recovery and the growing conflicts around the world, rather than be force-fed the details of the royal wedding parade route.  It’s not that I’m William and Kate hater.  I think Kate seems down to earth and I have no doubt she’ll make a beautiful bride.  And even though Harry always been my fave of the brothers(he just seems so naughty-I always love the bad boys…), I’m cool with William. But it’s the over-coverage that’s sending me screaming in the other direction.  The desperateness of every single organization to make EVERY FREAKIN’ DETAIL a major news story and exploit ANY possible comparison of Diana and Kate. That it’s a major effort to avoid it because of the infiltration of every aspect of my life-Facebook! Twitter! My favorite morning radio show! So because of that, I must boycott.  Although, even this wedding grinch must admit that I’m pretty damn curious about her dress.  Lisa, you have permission to email me a picture!  And P.S.-stop tagging me in your Facebook posts about it!

Will you be watching?  Tell us!

xoxo, Liz & Lisa

42 Responses to “The Royal Wedding: To watch Or Not To watch?”

  1. Susan Brock

    Not only am I watching, I am having a slumber party! My girlfriends and I are so excited!

  2. Wendi

    I will be up at 6 a.m. to watch it! I do have to agree with Liz that I am SICK of the comparisons between Diana and Kate, but since I haven’t yet had the time to watch any of the wedding specials, I’m not sick of hearing about it. I actually can’t wait! What girl doesn’t love a wedding, especially when the royal couple actually LOVES each other? <3

  3. Kerrie

    Like Liz, I am worn out from all the coverage we’ve already seen! I won’t be watching live, I won’t even be DVR’ing it. I know that for 1-2 weeks after the big event we will be bombarded with more details, etc and it will probably be more interesting because it will be what really happened, who was there, what the dress really looked like and even a picture of Kate actually wearing it!!! So, like a lot of sports/games, I’ll wait to catch the “highlights” afterwards… they show the best stuff anyway :)

  4. Patra @ I Do Declare

    I certainly get that it is JUST a wedding, but it’s still a world event, an event that people will remember for years, recalling where they were, and who they were with when it happened. What makes this wedding really special {in addition to the pomp + the dress mystery + the excuse to theme a party around it!} and the reason I will be awake at dark:thiry, watching with friends instead of JUST replaying it later on the dvr is that it’s the rare news headline that time stamps our memory that isn’t sad or tragic…it will be happy, majestic, romantic – so, my friends + I will be celebrating that!

  5. Jes

    I have to say I am addicted to all things wedding on tv although I have purposly tried not to get caught up in the Royal wedding. All that being said, I am undecided. I will be at work on Friday, but will probably try to make up for lost time when I get home. I’m sure they will replay it over and over again.

  6. MJK

    Not planning to watch but saw a great post this AM from a guy thanking ESPN for being the only station who opted NOT to send a reporter to cover the wedding! I’ll catch the highlights that will be promo-ed ad nauseum!
    For those who are, go all out and enjoy!! The slumber party sounds like a fun girls’ night!

  7. Sarah

    I don’t think I’ll watch. I will be sleeping and I don’t have dvr:)

  8. Shannon J.

    Well I’m certainly not waking up at the crack of dawn to watch it. Will I watch it live and do I care one way or the other? NO but I’m sure I will see replays and the dress and all because well I own a tv!! It is nice to have good news but like everything with todays media it is being blown way out of proportion!! Every minute planned out!! Wouldn’t want it to be me!!!

  9. Nina

    I am excited for the Royal Wedding! Okay, so maybe Dunkin Donuts having a Royal Wedding themed donut is a bit extreme (we all have our limits) but I definitely plan to DVR it and catch a glimpse of this big event!

  10. Amanie

    I will also DVR it and watch later, it starts at 3:00 am here in Chicago, so I will be sleeping. Honestly I’m very excited to see it though.

  11. Nancy H

    I must admit I did set the DVR this morning to record the big event. However, I’m more on the side of Liz. The media, the media, the media. Anymore, they have to beat every living thing into the ground. It is the most annoying thing in the world. With that being said, I boycott the news…dislike them strongly, but I will watch the ceremony….

  12. Carrie Murray

    You must watch a lot of NBC, since they are set to air it is all over that channel! I stopped watching the TODAY show because if I heard Matt Lauer say one more time, “Fighting still surging in Libya and now, the Royal Wedding” I thought I would puke. I’m not watching, but I’ll be happy to pick up the PEOPLE magazine on Monday and flip through the pages. :)

  13. nova c.

    i won’t be watching; but i will watch the highlights later on in the day. and i MIGHT pick up people magazine just to see the pictures! (i guess everyone is focusing on the royal wedding because there is so much other “bad” stuff going on).

  14. Louise Gibney

    Watching! There’s a big screen in Milton Keynes and we’re going to sit there (hopefully in the sunshine) all morning after a Full English to get us ready to street party all afternoon. It’s a WEDDING – everyone loves them – and it’s a NATIONAL EVENT – even better! A fairy tale story coming true, they look like such a nice couple!

    Anyone interested in a writing competition on the Royal Wedding theme? We’re putting together an anthology of people’s experiences, opinions of the wedding on Friday, and comparing memories of past Royal nuptials. All profits go to UNICEF.

    Check for details! The full competition brief is in the notes, or contact me at

  15. Sharon

    I’ll be out of town on a band trip and, thus, not able to watch it. But I don’t think I would get up at the crack of dawn even if I was going to be home. I know I can see all I want to see on the Internet. My exchange student, however, will be setting her alarm and watching it all. I find all the fuss to be a bit much. A refrigerator with Will and Katherine’s picture on it? Really?

  16. Pascale

    Liz framed it perfectly! We are force-fed EVERY detail of the wedding and it is so desperate. NO WAY will I need or want to watch it… the “news” will make sure I miss nothing. I too watched Diana and loved it. However, I was younger, the world was a better place and there was no 24HOUR news cycle. The wedding reminds me of the weeks leading up to an election…. you can’t wait for it to be over because it is endless and petty and boring and really does not impact your life. Great debate!

  17. Kara Mitchell

    I might watch it but only because it’s Di’s son. I watched Diana and Charles, I was young and foolish then, now I know what divorce is. LOL

  18. Michelle Zanfardino

    YES, but will dvr it for sure. I remember watching princess Di when I was a little girl and dreamed of my prince charming some day. How could I not watch this!? A princess gets her prince…..a royal wedding! I will sadly admit that I watch the wedding shows b/c I love weddings (hello my fair wedding. Where was David when I was getting married). How could I not watch the wedding of all weddings?! Susan Brock is doing it right! Chick night slumber party. Go girl and enjoy!

  19. curlysarah29

    My friend, Amanda, and I are definitely watching it – we are both taking off work on Friday and having mimosas. :) My mom watched Princess Di and Prince Charles get married at some ungodly early hour, and we both wept when Princess Di died (I’m getting tears in my eyes as I type this). I studied in London, and I just have always felt a sort of affection for the royals.

  20. Mary

    Yes, I will be watching. But it will be at my leisure, on my DVR. I don’t get up at 4am for much of anything these days. Plus it is a work day. Why will I be watching ? Yes, I am curious about the “DRESS”. But mostly I just love all things connected to centuries old tradition.

  21. Heidi Milton

    Have to confess! I’ll be watching! Who doesn’t love a good love story after all? Liz, you have a point about the over-exposure, but I still want to see for myself. :)

  22. Jessica

    Like most, I’ll probably be watching. More to see what she is wearing! & to know what Posh is wearing lol! Doesn’t mean I am not fed up of all the coverage though.

  23. Susan Schleicher

    Not going to watch. I am sure I will see things later, on the news and other TV venues and the supermarket mags to give me all I need to know.

  24. Jeannette P

    Not going to watch. I did watch Diana and Charles, however. Too much media hype.

  25. Sarah I.

    Not watching!! I’m sure if I want to see the wedding dress or the crowd outside Westminster Abbey I will be able to see it ad nauseum for the next 3 weeks, at least! I did see part of Charles and Diana’s wedding back in the day but we all know how their marriage turned out! lol I wish the Royal Couple well on their special day but it’s not big on my list of things to do.

  26. Amber

    I won’t be watching. I am so tired of hearing about it. I watch The Today Show in the morning and it seems the royal wedding is the only thing going on in the world. Never mind that military soldiers die every day…:/

  27. Amused

    What an hysterical post! Heck yes I’ll be watching! I’ve been annoying everyone around me with constant Royal Wedding updates but I don’t care – it’s nice to have news that is actually positive for once :)

  28. Thea

    I’m with Lisa on this. Only, won’t be watching live. I’ve been avoiding all the press leadin up to it to avoid the OD factor. Want it all to be fresh. Still remember watching Diana get married and loving every minute. Looking forwad to drinking my coffee, fast forwarding through the lame stuff, and pausing on the important stuff like dress/hair details. Thank goodness for technology!

  29. Lori

    I’ll be watching! I know there’s no way this wedding can compete with seeing Princess Diana’s fairy tale saga, but I will still be watching…from my dvr…

  30. Melissa

    Tired of all the coverage but TOTALLY WATCHING the royal wedding tomorrow morning and the last shuttle launch tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, I get a front row to the shuttle launch as I live on the Space Coast and will get to see it in person. Wahoo to both events! God save our queen and God Bless the USA.
    (And all that…)

  31. Jordan W.

    No, I will not be watching! The Royal Wedding has done little to peak my interest so I will not be waking up at some ungodly early hour to partake in this “monumental” event. I, will however Google her wedding dress when I get to work tomorrow morning :)

  32. Tracy

    I don’t need to watch. There will be tons of coverage all over the internet and two instant-documentaries I can FF through to see the important bits (dresses, hats, celebs, hairstyles and the balcony kiss, which I already know has been scheduled for a particular time!)

  33. Betsy

    I agree with Liz. I have avoided all articles and TV shows about the upcoming wedding. It doesn’t matter that it is a part of history, everything is in some way or another. I am interested in the gowns and who attended but that can easily been seen in pictures the following year I’m sure. I’m so sick and tired of hearing about it, I just want it over and done with. O’ and I’d love to win a copy of the book! :)

  34. elizabeth

    I will not be watching i think its a waste of time a to watch people who I dont even know or care about get married.

  35. Lorena

    How about a truce? I think the answer lays somewhere in the middle.

    Honestly, I don’t know what the obsession with the royal family is (after all, they’re not the prince/princess of the USA or the entire world.) So why should ANYONE outside England care? And if I may get a bit cynical (for argument purposes) the royal family doesn’t even have political/decision-making power anymore. So why is this considered “history in the making”? Why are we in awe of them? They’re like any other rich family (to the expense of the English people at that!) And seriously, is there collective-amnesia going on? Diana and Charles’s marriage was a disaster! (But who cares about that? The dress and length of the train IS what really matters.)

    Having said this, watching the wedding was unavoidable. (It was on every channel all day long.) And having a rigid (almost militant) position about it seems extreme. So I caught a glimpse here and there. I do have sympathy for Harry and William (they seem like well-adjusted, down-to-earth guys.) Kate also seems pretty solid. So, I wish them luck and a better marriage than their predecessors.

    Great blog! I’m glad I found it.

  36. Laura

    Got up @ 4 to be in San Diego for a meeting @7 so I watched it on DVR that morning. That night I watched it again w my teen daughters. One loved it as I did, the other surfed the web the entire time. Loved the dress as it reminded me of a modern day version of Grace Kelly’s dress. Saved the wedding on DVR & hope 2 watch it with hubs.

  37. Liz

    CONGRATS TO! She won a copy of POOR LITTLE BITCH GIRL by Jackie Collins. But a huge THANK YOU to all who commented-we really enjoyed reading them!!! xoxoxoxoxo, L&L

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