I’m just not that into you (anymore):Project Runway

New host Angela Lindvall and "fashion expert" Miss Piggy

Liz here. I think y’all know I have a hard time with the word NO. But it’s especially true when it comes to my DVR-I just can’t say no to all those shiny and new Fall shows.  But there’s always a few that get dumped before I even watch one episode, (sorry 2 Broke Girls!) and a few that I can’t WAIT to sink my teeth into each week (Helloooo Once Upon A Time).

But just like any relationship, sometimes things go sour with even the best of shows.

You know how it is-things start off and you’re just so excited to see them.  You think about them when they’re not around, you talk about them incessantly to anyone who will listen.  You may even get irrationally angry when others block you from seeing them. (Um, yeah, sorry about that, Mike!) Then, things may start to cool off a little.  They seem to get comfortable and stop caring about how they look.  Or maybe they start trying a bunch of new things that, well, are LAME.  All of a sudden it’s been two, maybe three weeks since you’ve seen them. And before you can say Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, your former favorite show has become (gasp!) irrelevant!

And yes, Project Runway, I’m talkin’ to you.  Like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Chuck and Lost before you, I’m thinking of dumping your ass.

I LOVED Project Runway.  Like put the kids to bed, order sushi and force my husband to watch, LOVED it.  Christian Siriano made my heart sing and Mondo’s F’ed up patterns intrigued me. I didn’t even mind that Heidi Klum seemed to be pregnant every fucking season.  Hell, I even stuck with them when they moved over to Lifetime without High Def  TV and watched that terrible Models of the Runway spinoff!  Because even though I could barely see what the hell they had made without HD, I didn’t care.  I was there for the DRAMA. So when they announced Project Runway All-Stars, I was jumping up and down with joy.

All my fave designers!  In ONE show!  How could they go wrong? How could they mess up PERFECTION?

Well, they did. Let me count the ways…..

But wait, before we get into all that, I’ve got a copy of Gunn’s Golden Rules by Tim Gunn.  Just leave a comment and I’ll choose a lucky winner on Sunday January 29th after 6pm PST.  Good luck!


1. The poor man’s Heidi Klum Where the F is Heidi Klum and who is this imposter they have hosting the show?  I sincerely hope that she’s not as uncomfortable being on TV as I am watching her on it. Make the cringing stop. Please. And she doesn’t even say that German bullshit at the very end when the designer gets kicked to the curb.  WTF! 

And while we’re on the subject of Miss Klum, so freakin’ bummed to hear about her and Seal.  I really was buying in to their whole perfect relationship thing. *cue mental image of Seal serenading Heidi with Kiss From a Rose each night*

2. The New Judges Where is my boyfriend Micheal Kors and his barbs?  Nina Garcia’s knowing smirk? And Isaac Mizrahi as a replacement?  Really? That’s the best you could come up with? And don’t even get me started on the fact that MISS PIGGY was a guest judge last week. Because she’s a fashion EXPERT. Come on!

3. That British chick Okay, what the hell happened to Tim Gunn and who is this bitchy Brit with the bad haircut?  Her utter disdain while in the workroom makes me uncomfortable. And not in a good Real Housewives of Atlanta sort of way.

4. The Designers Between April’s gray hair and Austin Scarlett’s scarf and bolo fixation, I’m not feelin’ my fave designers.  Where is Kenley’s cattiness? Why isn’t anyone talking shit on Michael? When did Rami learn to do something other than draping? Where is the DRAMA?  Do they really think we actually tune in for the designs?  Jesus, I haven’t been able to see them clearly anyway the last few years!

5. High Definition TV  Sooooo…the lesson here is to be careful what you wish for.  I lamented the last three seasons about the lack of HDTV on Lifetime.  But little did I know how disconcerting it would be to actually see my favorite designers so UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.  Did Mila always look so sweaty in the workroom? Was Kenley’s lipstick always that red?  Did Micheal’s eyebrows look like that before? It’s creepin’ me out.

So I’m sorry Project Runway, it’s been real.  But I just moved you below Spongebob on my DVR playlist.  And we all know what that meansYou’re out. Auf Wiedersehen!  Oh, and Top Chef?  I’m officially putting you on notice.

What about you?  Any shows you are dumping this season?  Tell me!

xoxo, Liz


37 Responses to “I’m just not that into you (anymore):Project Runway”

  1. Cindy

    I SO agree with you! I was the BIGGEST PR fan from episode one, had my weekly viewing parties, and I hate to say it, but I couldn’t even bear to watch this! If I didn’t have the Bachelor and the promise of Bethenny Ever After next month, I don’t know what I would do! BTW, apparently Seal has a temper. Who knew? I thought they happily spent every day in costume.

  2. Liz

    Cindy, I’m so happy you’re with me on this! It’s KILLING me this season! All-stars should be the best, why jack it up with all new people???!!!

  3. Chrissy

    I’m not feeling this season’s Project Runway All-Stars either! UGH…Heidi, Tim, Michael, Nina…they are all-stars as well. Without them, the show just isn’t the same. =(

  4. Tracie Banister

    I am feeling the same way about Project Runway, and it bums me out. I had such high hopes for an All-Stars season, and so far it’s fallen pretty flat. This show is just WRONG without Tim Gunn. Truth is I think PR lost its charm for me a few seasons back when Gretchen and her boring, baggy, granola-inspired fashions won the day over the whimsical, colorful, insanely wonderful creations by Mondo.

    I’ll hang in there to see who wins All-Stars, but the thrill is definitely gone.

  5. Jennifer

    See, I was the OPPOSITE, I was very hesitant before I even turned on the first show, but it is starting to grow on me now — I think they felt they had to change the entire judging panel, and workroom mentor to make it fair, since nina and co., already judged them in their first go-arounds….which I think “America’s Top Model ” should have done for their “All Star” rendition.

    I’m sticking with it — I like the guys SO much better than the girls — but my favorites are Rami, Michael and Mondo.

  6. Lisa

    Liz, I hear ya on this one. When I first turned it on I said, WHERE THE FUCK ARE HEIDI AND TIM? Poor man’s Heidi has gots ta go. And as for Miss Piggy? MY DVR only recorded 4 minutes of that episode- clearly trying to tell me something! xo

  7. Lizett

    I would agree that this season of the PR All Stars is lacking a little something. I am not as excited to watch this show as I normally am. It is very dissapointing! I went into this show thinking ‘this is all-stars, they are bound to show some AMAZING stuff’ clearly that is not the case. I will watch until the end to see who wins but that is only because I have already invested time into the show to no see it through all the way.

  8. Erin

    I was so excited about the all stars!! Go Mondo! But the host makes me want to throw myself in front of traffic. her voice…brutal. I am thinking of watching the rest of the season on mute. and a muppet as a judge was kinda the last straw. Good lord. I dumped Housewives like 2 seasons ago -those woman are old and its the same crap every year…strange family moves into the neighborhood and someone dies. again. ugh.

  9. The Avid Reader

    I am 100% with you on PR… used to be like crack and now I could care less. Le sigh.

    Every time I start to think about how much better Top Chef used to be, I plug my ears and start loudly singing “lalalalalalalalala”… I know that old spark is gone, but I’m just not ready to walk away from this one!

  10. Natalie

    I had to dump “Project Runway” long ago – it betrayed me! Sadly, I let “Top Chef” go this season – my DVR stopped taping it and I didn’t even notice. I have a new DVR now but didn’t set a new season pass. I’ll give the next season one last try, though!

    Um, what’s that you’re saying about “Once Upon a Time?” (errr good luck with that one)….

  11. laura Reese

    Why does everyone mess with success? And the Miss Piggy debut? No. No. No.

    And I’m with you on 2 Broke Girls — note to 2BG writers: Actresses shooting their mouths off about their own female body parts is just wrong. (insert earplugs here)

    xx, Laura

  12. Heather

    Agree with you on PR. And Once Upon A Time is magnificent! First showi watch.

  13. Thea

    I’m with you! But I gave it up when they moved and it wasn’t in HD anymore. I need drama and designs or it’s LAME. Almost came back for all stars, but alas, once you live without it, it’s hard to go back!

  14. Liz

    Tracie, Totally! and Gretchen was such a beyotch too! Remember how mean she was to poor Michael?

  15. Liz

    Lizett, I know, I want to know who wins, but don’t know if I can take it all season?!

  16. Liz

    Erin, That is a great idea, MUTE!!!!! Hadn’t thought of that one! And gurrllll, that’s why I dumped Housewives too!

  17. Liz

    Avid Reader, I know, I’m not quite ready to dump Top Chef. But I see Padma in one more cowboy costume, I’m going to puke!

  18. Liz

    Natalie, Once Upon a Time is GOOD! Give it a try girl! And I think your DVR may be trying to tell you something about Top Chef….. xo

  19. Liz

    Laura, I know, 2BG just sat in my DVR and I just couldn’t commit. I don’t care how sassy they are! Trying too hard for me!

  20. Liz

    Thea, Thank God you didn’t come back….you would have been PISSED that was taking space on your DVR!

  21. Kristen

    YES!!! It’s not the same without Michael and Tim. These judges are all too nice – I agree, I don’t know if it’s because they feel like these contestants needed new judges… All I can say is I hope they all come back next season. Can’t completely dump it, but am considering not watching until they get to the final 3 so that Mondo and Rami can duke it out for the title. :)

  22. Melody

    I had to dump a fave of mine-The Office-this year. Modern Family is now my go-to show for laughs.

  23. Jessica

    Never watched project runway but I definitely felt this way about desperate housewives and Vampire diaries. They have been replaced with fab new shows like ONCE ! It is so good, cannot wait for a new episode! BTW, you should come back to grey’s. These last 2 weeks have been very good!

  24. Maureen

    I do miss the old show with Michael Kors one liners and Tim’s hugs at the end but most of all I do not like this fake Heidi.

  25. adina

    Hate it when our favorite show loses it! We’ve been watching Chuck (my IT husband can relate) but it’s not as good now that he’s not such a geek.

  26. Kelsey

    I had the same sad breakup with project runway last year, and I’ve refused to watch any of the all stars. But I did notice that Tim Gunn will be on a day time show so I’m looking forward to watching him on that.

  27. mep

    I’ve recently “drifted away” from some of my favorites as well. We switched from Dish Network to Comcast, and I still haven’t figured out how to DVR series of shows, not just individual episodes. (I’m sure it’s not rocket science, but I haven’t tried that hard). Most of my old faves are on demand, but I find I don’t seek them out. My theory is that I can be passionate about a competitive reality series for only so many seasons. I will live to watch it each week for seasons on end and then start a new season and realize, “Meh, I just don’t care anymore.” This phenom has been the case for Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser, Project Runway, and now … Top Chef too. Shows I am loving? NEW GIRL!!! Modern Family, 30 Rock (finally back), and The Office (still a fan, truly).

    I’d love to win Tim Gunn’s book!

  28. JHS

    I’m with you. I adore Tim Gunn — I have the biggest crush on him — but this version of PR is completely lame without him. We need Michael, Nina, and Heidi back, too. It’s just boring — there’s no heart or soul to it.

    Want Tim’s book, though!


  29. susie

    I sooo understand where you are coming from. I caught up starting with Miss Piggy and was like WTF? However….I have stuck it out, and was delighted to see grey haired April hit the highway. I always felt sorry for Michael on his season (he reminds me of a relative) and he has blossomed, much to the dismay of the others. Mondo still wears the shorts and knee socks and I would very much like Austin to shave that ridiculous mustache. Not a fan of the model host and who-are-these-judges,last night was a hottie hockey player judging…whatever. I like the Brit lady, altho she is no Tim Gunn. I will have to stick it out to see who wins, but I am certain Lifetime will have to bring back the real panel if they venture this way again…

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