Kate Rockland’s 5 Loves and a Dud

Weight.  We’re a country obsessed with it.  We have magazine cover devoted to it.  Some of us (Liz!) talk about it constantly. So when we saw that Kate Rockland’s next novel was titled 150 Pounds, well, we knew we had to get our hands on it ASAP!

We’re thrilled that Kate’s returning to the site today(we crowned her as our VERY FIRST Lit IT Girl last year!) to share her 5 Loves a Dud.  We think you’ll find them as hilarious and insightful as her novels, even if now we’re a bit scared to visit New Jersey. (um, total California girls over here!) Regardless, we think you’ll love her latest, 150 Pounds.  It’s fabulous and fun-it’s a must read for all you weight obsessers (don’t deny-we know you do it too!).

Here’s the scoopage on 150 Pounds: In the fast paced life of blogging, two women stand out: Alexis Allbright, of Skinny Chick, and Shoshana Weiner, who writes Fat and Fabulous. Both have over five million loyal readers. Both are hungry for success. But the similarities stop there.

With over 100 pounds on the scale separating them, weight isn’t their only difference. Alexis is a loner who is so bitchy the only person who can stand her company is her gay best friend Billy. She gives neurotic New Yorkers a run for their money with her strict daily workout routine, and weighing of food. Shoshana is Alexis’s opposite. Living in Jersey with rowdy roommates, she is someone who “collects friends,” as her mother puts it; and treasures a life of expanding circles…and waistlines.

When both appear as panelists on a popular talk show, their lives intersect in ways neither could have imagined. In turns comedic, heartwarming—and familiar to any woman who’s ever stepped on a scale—Alexis and Shoshana realize they have far more in common than either could have possibly imagined, and more importantly, something to offer.

Sound fun? Then leave a comment and you’ll be entered on of FIVE copies.  We’ll choose the winner after 6pm PST on Sunday January 22nd.  Good Luck!


1. Other People’s Weddings I know everyone likes to complain about having to book hotel rooms, buy silver bridesmaid shoes, or stop eating their lobster to stand up when a couple gets announced as husband and wife for the first time. Me? I frickin’ love weddings. From the moment I get the invitation in the mail and affix it to my fridge, to stumbling back to my room buzzed off the free champagne, I have had a ball at every wedding I’ve ever been lucky enough to be invited to. I love noting which traditions the bride and groom included or discarded, love embarrassing speeches by fathers when they tear up, love the surprise of which appetizers and entrees a couple chose when they’re placed before me, and I especially love the moment the bride enters the room, chapel, church, synagogue, or beach to walk down the aisle and everyone sucks in their breath at how beautiful she looks. As you can imagine, I started planning my own wedding the minute I met my husband. My friend Marissa used to joke she was afraid to open my bedroom closet, lest six wedding dresses fall out.

2. Coffee Some people have a morning exercise routine. I have a morning coffee routine. From the minute I wake up, I start looking forward to my medium hazelnut, extra cream, and two sugars. I go to a local café four blocks from my apartment. I know the owner, and we usually chat for a few minutes each day. This gives me hope, that should I ever die and my husband doesn’t notice, this store owner will call the police and not let my cat eat my face off. I don’t mind standing in line, as I usually do a heaping dose of people-watching. I like imagining what profession everyone is in, where they’re running off to. I try and spy on people working on their laptops, to see what they’re typing. I like the sacks of beans that decorate the store, and the funny names of the beans like “Obama blend.” That first sip is heaven.

3. Cranky Northern New Jerseyans and New Yorkers  I lived in Colorado once and didn’t trust anyone I met. They were too earnest, too helpful, too laid-back. After two years I hastily packed my bags and moved home to the East Coast. I’m from Northern New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan. People here tell it like it is. If you’re acting like an asshole, people will tell you. If you leave your car double-parked too long on the street, someone will smash in your window. That’s just the way it is. I don’t trust friendly people, and when I travel, I miss loud Jersey women who can make you laugh in five minutes. I like it that if someone falls on the sidewalk in Manhattan, no one helps them up. I mean really, get better walking shoes. I keep thinking my husband and I have to move to the suburbs, but I’m terrified of someone breaking into our house. My family thinks I’m crazy; aren’t I scared to live in a city? I’m not. I like that there’s always someone standing outside their building smoking, or walking down the street in front of me. No one’s ever bothered me in the city. I don’t trust the rest of the country. I feel like there’s never been a serial killer from New Jersey.

4. The Smell of My Son After a Bath Because one of my son’s favorite pastimes is smushing avocado into his ears, digging in the dirt with his fingers, or sticking banana up his nose, by the end of the day the kid needs a bath. I don’t so much enjoy the act of giving him a bath, as it’s physically draining to lift him in and out of the tub, fill it with fancy California Baby soap, stick in all his colorful bath toys, undress him, and lay out his bath towel. However, the end result is divine; the day gets washed away, and all the minor stresses I’ve had melt when I kneel down and make sure he has no toe lint between his toes from his socks. I love how his hair gets a tiny curl to it after a bath, and how his skin shines like pearls, the avocado gets removed from his ears, and his skin smells simply divine. I like that even though I don’t always get it right when it comes to mommyhood, I can give my son this small gift of a bath every night, and send him off to sleep clean and happy.

5. Reading a Murder Mystery Some of my favorite mystery writers, P.D. James, Elizabeth George, and Ngaio Marsh my mom got me into from high school on. I love nothing more then settling down into bed and scaring the bejezus out of myself. I know it’s a genre I could never write, and that fascinates me. To be a mystery writer one has to know not only how to solve puzzles, but how to come up with the original puzzle in the first place, one that hasn’t been penned already by another author. Figuring out plot extends to other pop culture loves I have, like watching The Closer or seeing a really good film with a winding plot. I like characters that might not be who they seem. When I was younger, there were times I needed to know who the murderer was so badly I’d cut class and sit on the toilet in the ladies’ room, hastily speed-reading through the pages. My husband teases me because I sometimes will scan the last page of a mystery novel to make sure I’m on the right track as to who the killer is, and then I’m bummed out when I’m right. I’m getting better at resisting this urge.


Couples Buying Homes on HGTV’s “House Hunters” I’m addicted to HGTV’s show “House Hunters.” Mainly, because I can’t afford to buy a house. It’s also why I read fashion magazines, and consider whether the $1200 Marc Jacobs sweater would look good with my skin tone: It’s a fantasy. However, the couples who agree to be filmed as they buy their dream home really piss me off. They seem to have no concept what “small” is, to start. I have been living in a 650 square foot-apartment with two other people and a shy cat for six years. We have closets narrower then my body if I stand with my back to them, which are so jam packed there is one in the living room that no longer opens. Nothing makes me angrier then when I watch a couple stroll into a four-bedroom house in Texas and state that the walk-in closet off the master bedroom is “too small.” Girl, that closet is the size of my entire apartment. How much space do Americans think they need? Someday I’ll move into a house and it’s going to feel like a castle, no matter what size it is. And I won’t complain about the size of my walk-in closet. At least the door will open.

Thanks Kate! xoxo, L&L

To read more about Kate, head on over to her website or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

52 Responses to “Kate Rockland’s 5 Loves and a Dud”

  1. Pascale

    This books look very interesting and will go onto my list! I LLOVE Kate’s list, especially about the NJ/NY folks! I am in CA now and totally get it!

  2. Chrissy

    This book will definitely be on my TBR list!!!! I agree about the smell of my sons after my husband gives them a bath! The dirt is gone and Mommy got some relax time…or at least time to do dishes, cleaning, etc without interruption! ;)

  3. Deidrah Shutt

    The book sounds really interesting. Perfect read for a really cold day when being curled up in the blankets with tea and a good book is the only sensible option. And I agree about the House Hunters thing. So sorry the countertops aren’t the right color or granite. Get over it. My counters don’t even match. But they will some day and that is part of the fun of home ownership.

  4. wall-to-wall books-wendy

    Going on my wish list (even if I don’t win it!).

    Hey – I’m a cranky NYer (not city though – upstate, so I guess that doesn’t count?)
    And, House Hunters is one of my favorite shows!!! What bugs me about it is that no matter how much the buyers remind the realtor what their budget is – they always show them houses WAAAY over their budget! Hello!!!
    Have you ever seen “Selling NY” another one of my Favs!!

    I just downloaded this great app on my nook – Lose it!
    It is great! I love it so far. After a few weeks I am going to blog about it.
    Last year I lost 22 lbs. This year I would like to lose 20 more.
    I love stories about weight issues.

  5. Mary Ward

    I am so the same way about House Hunters! I just love when they walk outside to the backyard the size of a football field and say it’s too small!

    The book sounds like a wonderful read.

  6. Melissa R

    I actually added her book to my Amazon wish list last week. I love a weight loss book!

  7. Kenan House

    Love her 5 Loves & a Dud! She’s right, that Americans live in a dream world where they want everything in larger quanities and NOW! I love her “real” appeal & the feeling of “enjoying her life as it is right this moment”. Very refreshing! Thanks for sharing her with your readers!

  8. MJK

    Okay, I think I might just love you! LOL
    I’m totally feeling you on the Dud & am afraid I’m becoming one. My last house fit in my current garage!! Why would I think we need bigger…working in getting over myself!
    As for the love list…right there with ya – especially about the coffee! – on everything except the wedding thing! As a personal chef & caterer, the last place I wanna go is to a wedding. That said, give me a good cup of coffee and a great read ANY day. Your book is now on my Kindle wish list. Thanks for hooking up with CLIND.

  9. Margaret

    I love the cover! This sounds interesting! Count me in thanks!


  10. Nina

    As a neurotic (and admittedly cranky) New Yorker I think I am going to like her book! And love that ‘other people’s weddings’ made her list!

  11. Jessica

    I agree completely with her number one and her number two. I am a huge fan of both weddings and coffee! Cappuccino is my drink of choice :)! Cannot wait to read this!

  12. Betsy

    I am extremely obsessed with my weight and not ashamed to admit it. I eat good, I eat bad, I workout and I lay around not doing anything. I read every fitness magazine there is and stopped buying the Glamour Magazines. I can’t wait to read this book, it is already added to my wish list. However I would love to win a copy!

  13. Allie Smith

    I love her, she sounds awesome. I love weddings, too! I always get so excited, especially now when I’m in the phase of my life when I don’t get invited to many. Only weddings I know of now, are the quiet, small “second weddings”. I guess the next wave will be my friend’s children’s wedding.

  14. stephanie

    Sign me up Liz and Lisa! But first, I have a VERY IMPORTANT question for Kate — who the hell is serving LOBSTER at their weddings??? DAMN!!! Congrats on your book! Would love to read it!

  15. Colleen Turner

    This book sounds wonderful!!! I have been following Kate on Facebook for awhile now and have been looking forward to the book coming out. I agree with her live of weddings too….I love them!

  16. Susan S.

    Sounds like a great read! Coffee is a great way to start the day; love it!

  17. The Avid Reader

    This book sounds fantastic, I’ve just added it to my To Read list. I’d love to win a copy! I had to laugh at the dud… TOTAL PET PEEVE of mine! The worst by far are the southern states… the houses are HUGE and CHEAP and yet the people do nothing but COMPLAIN! Augh!

  18. Kristen

    I’ve heard a lot about this book and would love to get my hands on a copy!

  19. laura Reese

    Love it! I will vouch that UPSTATE New Yorkers are fabulous!! If they are cranky, it’s only temporary and probably because there’s just been a blizzard :)

    Love the cover, also!


  20. Marianne

    As one who has battled the bulge my whole life sounds like one for my TBR pile. Of course, the bulge has always won out!! Please enter my name in order to hopefully win it. Thanks ladies!!

  21. Jordan

    I loved reading Kate’s loves – especially #3.

    This book has been on my TBR list ever since I first read about it – it’s right up my alley!

  22. Lou

    OMGosh, totally agree with your dud! My fave if House Hunters International EXCEPT when they feature some fat cat Americans buying a vacation home in El Salvador or somewhere (same idea, too much!). The worst House Hunters are the episodes that feature the just-out-of-college 22 year old couples looking for 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 3 car garage homes “just like their parents’ have” … um, I bet your parents worked for 20+ years to save for their McMansions!

    Book looks totally fab, btw … if I don’t win, will buy. :)

  23. Laura

    I was lucky enough to read an ARC of this book and it is FABULOUS!!!! Ladies you are in for a treat. Gents too. Everyone can enjoy this one!

  24. Rose

    This sounds like a fabulous book. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! And on the House Hunters front, I completely agree. I can’t believe some of the places that the buyers scoff at.

  25. Kelsey

    I love the idea of this book! And I have the same love you my morning coffee, but the nearest store is 20 miles away so I have to make it myself.

  26. adina

    great loves and a dud. especially coffee. and house hunters. love those.

  27. Erin

    you had me at the 2 cupcakes on the cover :-} my issue with HH is that everyone is always sooo concerned about how the space will fit the fricken DOG! and everyone has a dog. Even if they have kids they are still more worried how the dog will like the yard. really? I had a dog. I loved my dog and yes a little space is important but come on… but yet, I still watch.

  28. Linda

    This sounds like a terrific book! Like Kate, I really look forward tomy morning cup of coffee!

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