Chick Lit is not Dead presents: 25 Things Liz and Lisa want to know about Sarah Pekkanen

sarahp If you love chick lit as much as we do, you're going to love author Sarah Pekkanen. Her debut novel, titled The Opposite of Me, will be published  early next year by Atria, a division of Simon and Schuster (we can't wait!). If you're a fan of writers like Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin (who will be featured on our site next month- woo hoo!), we think you'll adore Sarah's novel about the tangled relationship between two very different twin 29-year-old sisters (and you know how we love sisters!)

We adore Sarah and are so excited to feature her in the inaugural edition of the 25 things Liz and Lisa want to know series.  Regularly, we'll be asking our favorite Chick Lit authors 25 "hard-hitting" questions that inquiring minds want to know!

So big props to our girl, Sarah.  And I think after you check out her answers you'll see why we heart her so much!

Chick Lit is Not Dead presents....

The 25 things Liz & Lisa want to know about Sarah Pekkanen

1.  Inside my purse, you'll discover: My all purpose tool from Sephora -- a rosy-colored smudge pot that can be used to give color and glow to lips, cheeks, eyelids...; a wallet with Starbucks cards and expired coupons I swear I had every intention of using; a crumpled juice box; a cell phone I'd die if I lost because it has a bajillion numbers programmed into it; a hairbrush, breath mints, hand cream and other emergency grooming items; a random sock, and a pacifier (not mine, I swear).

2.  My secret talent is: Solving puzzles on Wheel of Fortune before any of the letters are turned. Why couldn't I have a useful talent?

3.  If stranded on an island, the five things I could not live without are: Assuming I can't name people, I'll say 1) a big friendly mutt; 2) sunscreen (I'm whiter than a sheet of paper and I'd burn to a crisp); 3) a fishing pole; 4) a grape vine with grapes suitable for eating AND turning into wine; 5) matches (I was a terrible girl scout -- only in it for the Thin Mints -- and I just don't get the whole rubbing two sticks together thing).

4.  On my nightstand you'll find: Haphazard piles of books; a glass of water, and a jar of overpriced face cream that lied when it said it would make me look just like Angelina Jolie. Damn you, overpriced lying face cream!

5.  When I grew up, I wanted to be: A writer... some dreams do come true!

6.  My worst job: During the summer between junior and senior year of college, I waitressed at a pizza joint where the owner made his employees pay if people ran out on the check (which happened more often than you'd think). Plus the owner's son snorted coke and picked fights with customers, which didn't inspire big tips. And possibly led to lots of people running out on the check.

7.  My comfort food: Chocolate and a glass of crisp cold white wine

8.  The location where I write: My bedroom, my car, and, more than once, a table at Chuck E. Cheese! (Hey, I've got three little kids. I swear I didn't go there for myself...)

9.  Three songs on my IPOD's most played list: It changes, but now it's Alicia Keys' No One, Coldplay's Vida la Vida, and Andrea Bocelli's Romanza

10. If I was on the cover of US Weekly, my headline would read: Ordinary, Minivan-Driving Woman Turns Down Proposal from Brad Pitt; Her Grateful Husband Vows to Take Over All Laundry, Cooking and Cleaning

11. The three books that make me think of my childhood: Go Dog Go, anything Nancy Drew, and Little Women

12. My favorite Chick Flick: Sleepless in Seattle

13. My favorite Chick Lit book: Bridget Jones' Diary

14. My "must see" TV: The Office and American Idol

15. My Starbucks order: Grande Chai if it's cold out. A coffee frap if it's hot and I need a little extra tickle of caffeine.

16. My favorite curse word: Freaking, if that counts. If not, the other f-word will do in a pinch.

17. My celebrity man crush: Ooh, so many to choose from... John Cusack. No, Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights. Wait, wait -- Johnny Depp. No, actually, I suspect Johnny doesn't shower enough for my liking. Definitely John Cusack.

18. My celebrity girl crush: Jennifer Garner. So fresh and wholesome! And those adorable dimples!

19. My writer crush: David Sedaris. He is brilliant and original.

20. My last meal before execution: Tranquilizer-laced chocolates. First I'd generously offer to share with the guards...

21. Three words to summarize my book: Perfect beach read!

22. It took me _____  to write my book. Nine months -- and a lot of chocolate, one God-awful early draft, a few revisions, more chocolate, a little whining and procrastinating, a firm talk to myself about meeting my goals, a promise to myself that I'd meet my goals after I checked out ...

23. My book's original title: Way Beyond Compare

24. Right now, I'm working on: Book number two, which doesn't have a title yet. But I promise it'll be juicy and fun and satisfying. Er, the book. Not just the title.

25. Chick Lit is alive & kicking because: It never really died -- it just faked being dead so George Clooney would give it mouth-to-mouth!

If you want to read more about Sarah, Click here to check out her awesome website!