Now it's your turn to ask Jennifer Weiner!

jw-author-photoShe's already answered our 25 questions, but... Have you ever wondered what inspired Jennifer Weiner to write GOOD IN BED?

Want to know what her favorite color is or who she's rooting for on Big Brother?

Well, here's your chance!

Starting Monday July 20th, the faboosh Jennifer Weiner will be available all week to answer your hard-hitting questions at Barnes & Noble's online book club, CenterStage. Each week on CenterStage they feature one bestselling author with a new release -- but the conversation will include all of that author's books, not just the new one. It's a great opportunity for you to ask your favorite authors any question, but it's even more perfect if you have a "big picture" question about how they write, what ties their books together, who inspires them, and much, much more. 

Click here to check it out and register!

And Lisa and Liz will be there too, bantering with our girl Jen and asking all the questions that we were too scared to ask the first time! you think she will tell us who her favorite cougar bait is?  Or what she would like to do to people who pronounce her last name as "Weener"?

So join us July 20-24th at B&N's CenterStage to chat up the fabulous Jennifer Weiner.  Be there or be square!


Liz & Lisa