Come Chat with Sassy Sophie!

n15458005572_9719Liz and Lisa were so excited to hear that the sassy Sophie Kinsella will be on B&N's Centerstage August 24-28 to answer anything and everything you've ever wanted to know! Wondering what her inspiration was for the Shopaholic series?

Or if she thought Jillian should have chosen Reid over Ed?

This is your chance to find out!

Chick Lit is Not Dead hearts Barnes & Noble’s online book club, CenterStage. Each week on CenterStage a bestselling author with a new release is featured. And the conversation includes all of that author’s books, not just the latest one. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask your favorite authors, like Sophia, any question you've been dying to know--like who inspires them, how they come up with their ideas or what kind of music they listen to while they write.

Click here to check it out and register!


In fact, you can head over there right now and post your Qs for Sophia!  She'll also be around to chat  with her fans about her new release, TWENTIES GIRL.  For those of you that chatted with Jennifer Weiner last month, you know how cool it is to talk in real time with one of your favorite authors.

So mark it in and your calendars and get your witty banter ready!  We'll see you there!


Liz & Lisa