Manage your money with a little sass By Liz and Lisa

We'll be the first to tell you that we're not exactly the best at watching our wallets. (shh..don't tell our hubbies we just admitted that!) In our defense, it's just really, really hard to resist those cute ankle boots or even that sassy dress that demands to have a spot in our closet next to all the other sassy dresses. So when we discovered LIVE IT, LOVE IT, EARN IT: A Woman's Guide to Financial Freedom by Marianna Olszewski--a smart, flirty and fun book (that yes, we found while shopping) that gives great money tips, we devoured it. First, points for its faboo cover-- a sassy girl wearing a pencil skirt! (As Chick Lit lovers, we heart cute covers!) We also love her interviews with amazing female designers--Tory Burch, Tamara Mellon (hello... Jimmy Choos!) and Diane Von Furstenberg! And, the book is FUN-it covers everything from cleaning out your underwear drawer (when was the last time any of us did that?) to keeping a gratitude journal. (we should all be doing that!)

Live it, Love it, Earn it is a great read for anyone whose eyes normally glaze over at the thought of even cracking open a book about money and finance (BOR-ING!) So, check this one out! You'll be happy you did. Plus, you can feel better about doing something to improve yourself in 2010. (you know those resolutions we all made,  um, just two weeks ago?!)

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