SATC, How We Love Thee By Liz & Lisa

There's absolutely nothing we're looking forward to more than attending the premier of  SATC 2. (Okay, so maybe we won't be crossing a velvet rope to get in and our seats will be in a movie theater somewhere off the 405, but we'll still be there opening night!) Not even a wedding or a graduation or even our anniversaries (don't worry- the husbands totally get it) come close to the thrill we'll experience when we order a giant tub of buttery popcorn and join a crowd of fans as that theme song starts playing. Seeing what Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte have been up to since we left them in the coffee shop after Carrie and Mr. Big's courthouse nuptials will be almost as exhilarating as seeing what designers they'll be wearing . To say our love affair with SATC has been a long one is putting it mildly. (Let's just say Lisa's has outlasted all of her longest relationships.) For Lisa, it's been like a religion. From HBO to TBS to the box set, she'd pay homage to the show that became almost a friend (not in an obsessive weird way, we promise) as she went through break up, after break up, after break up.  And although Liz was originally turned off by Miranda's season one mansuits (although that wardrobe choice makes A LOT more sense now) she quickly bonded with her when they both got pregnant and questioned their ability to bond with something so fragile.

Just the mere sight of the SATC2 trailer has been enough to send us into a frenzy. (Aiden? Hot cabana boys in the desert? Poolside cocktails? We're in!). Liz nearly gave her hubs a heart attack when she began clapping wildly the first time she saw it. (SATC was the only non G-rated movie she saw in 2007).  And Lisa?  She downloaded it from the internet and plays it... a lot. And she keeps mentioning something about wanting to vacation in...Abu Dhabi. (Um, is this the same girl who thinks Palm Springs is too hot in the spring?) Which proves that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte can make anywhere look fabulous.

So, in tribute to our four favorite ladies, here are our favorite episodes:

Season 1: Models And Mortals We'll happily forgive Carrie for speaking directly into the camera (how happy are we that stopped?) because she introduces us to the term "modelizer" in this hilarious episode about men who are addicted to dating amazon women. Highlight: Samantha agrees to have her sexual encounter videotaped, proving once again that she has always been a trendsetter.

Season 1: Oh Come All Ye Faithful We cringe every time we watch Carrie stalks follow Big to church with his mother. And when she asks him to tell her "she's the one" and he can't, she does the only thing she can do to preserve her dignity- she dumps him. Little does she know it's only the beginning of a very long roller coaster ride with Big. At least it all comes full-circle. (See #10.)

Season 2: Ex And The City Ah, the infamous question we've all asked, "Can you be friends with an ex?" (Um, N-O!) We scream when Carrie shows up to Big's engagement party (she was invited- so gross) and tries to convince herself that she can watch the love of her life marry someone else.  Yeah, rightHighlight: When Carrie finds out Big is engaged and tells him off in a crowded restaurant. (Who hasn't wanted to do that?)

Season 3: Attack of the Five-Foot-Ten-Inch Woman It's bad enough when you're ex moves on. But with a tall, beautiful model? Crushing. So when Carrie discovers in the New York Times Style section that Mr. Big and Natasha have tied the knot, we start to hate on Mr. Big just a little. Highlight: Miranda's war with her housekeeper over "sexual paraphernalia."

Season 3: Running With Scissors Carrie's affair with Big comes to a screeching halt when Natasha returns home early from The Hamptons (oops!) to discover Carrie in their house and then falls down the stairs and breaks her tooth in an attempt to confront her.  Highlight: The man dressed a hot dog that kept asking Miranda to "Eat me".

Season 4: Ghost Town Proving the theory that we always want what we can't have, Miranda and Carrie start second guessing their relationship choices when Steve and Aidan open a hip bar.  And it doesn't help that the only action Miranda's getting is from the ghost haunting her apartment.  Oh, and Samantha decides she's not a lesbian anymore. Highlight: Bunny's face when she walks in on Charlotte & Trey in bed.

Season 5: Luck Be An Old Lady We're not sure if it's Carries new do' or Charlotte's Jersey Shore makeover, but this episode about the girls heading to AC for Charlotte's "thirty-faux-birthday" makes us squirm a little bit. The harsh reality of being single in your mid-thirties was hilarious and heartbreaking all at the same time. Highlight: When they get the hell out of AC and return to NYC!

Season 5: Belles Of The Balls Steve feels like less of a man when he's left with only one ball after cancer. And who knew there could be so many great ball jokes? "Do you really want a pinto next to your p*nis, Steve?" Highlight: Aidan and Big a.k.a. "The Green Hornet" and "Batman" rolling around in the mud at Aidan's country house.

Season 6: The Post-it always sticks twice When Carrie gets dumped via a post it from Berger, she does what any self-respecting woman does: has a GNO at a dive bar. Highlight: The reappearance of Miranda's pre-baby skinny jeans and a pot bust.

Season 6: An American Girl in Paris(Part Deux) Samantha gives in to love, Charlotte finally gets her baby and Miranda commits to the long haul with Steve. But at the heart of it all is Carrie.  And we like to think every woman in America cheers when Miranda tells Big to "Go get our girl".  And then cries her eyes out when he does. Highlight: Finally discovering Big's name!

xoxo, Liz & Lisa