What's on Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin's Bucket List?

We've been having so much fun this past year learning more about all of our favorite authors!  First, there were 25 Things we were dying to get the answers to.  Then we wanted to discover 5 Things we didn't already know about these fabulous women. And because we didn't want debut authors to feel left out, we began giving out our Lit IT Girl tiara to the best of the best.  But even after we learned all these things, we still found ourselves wanting to know MORE.  Because, well, we're just greedy like that.  So we came up with a new feature that we think will be a lot of fun! THE BUCKET LIST.

That's right. It wasn't enough to learn 5 things.  Now we MUST know what our favorite authors want to do before they die.  Because not only are we greedy, but we're pretty damn nosy too.

And to kick it off, we've got Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, one of our all all-time fave writing teams.  Seriously, the writer's crush we have on them is OFF THE CHARTS.  And since they did such a incredible job of kicking off our 5 Things feature, we thought they'd be the perfect choice to lead off with their Bucket List.

Why do we love Emma and Nicola so much?  Well, it could be the fact that they've written a few of our most beloved books like The Nanny Diaries and Nanny Returns. Or the fact that they were kind enough to interview us over at Sheknows.com last year. But they're also super nice, funny and love Tina Fey as much as we do!  And they've even written a sassy YA novel to satisfy Liz's secret love for the genre. C'mon, what's not to love?

Speaking of Nanny Returns, it comes out in paperback tomorrow.  So if you didn't run out to find out what happened to Nan when it first came out, here's your chance to catch up on what the X's have been up to.

And OF COURSE we have FIVE copies to give away! Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  We'll choose the winner by random drawing on Wednesday night.  Sorry, but this one is for US residents only. =(

So without further adieu, Liz & Lisa are very proud to present our very first Bucket List!


1. Meet Angelina. Because, well, why not?

2. Meet Tina Fey. Because we love her. And so Nicki can ask who cuts her hair.

3. Go to Asia. We're really not picky about where. But we both feel we didn't do enough traveling before becoming moms and want to make up for it now. You know, when it's really hard.

4. We're both pretty wussy, so you're not going to find anything like skydiving on this list. We don't think accidentally dying while in pursuit of exciting life experience is noble. But maybe a nice hike through the Grand Canyon?

5. Go to a spa. We've been talking about doing this since 1995 and have yet to so much as get a pedicure together.

Thanks so much Emma and Nicola! xoxo, Liz & Lisa

To find our more about these lovely and talented women, head on over to their website or hit them up on Facebook and Twitter.