What's on Lisa Rinna's bucket list?

Okay, so we think Lisa Rinna may have it all.  Actress, boutique owner, NYT bestselling author and married to hottie Harry Hamlin!  They've even got their own reality show, Harry Loves Lisa. What's not to like, right? Her first non-fiction book, Rinnavation, encouraged us all to look better, feel better, live better, even love better! (Which btw, sounds pretty good right now as Liz sits here writing this post while bleary-eyed in sweats...)  And there must have been others who felt like her-it made the NYT bestseller list! Now Lisa's making her fiction debut with Starlit-and we think it's a lot of fun!  Glamorous parties, flashing lights, red carpets-Tally jones has worked hard to join Hollywood's A list.  She finally gets her break replacing veteran diva Susie Sheppard on a nightime soap opera, ratings skyrocket and she earns an Emmy nomination.  But celebrity has a dark side too.  Tally's financial advisor makes off with her savings and her celeb boyfriend's kinky sexploits and paparazzi baiting have Tally wondering why there isn't a better leading man in her life.

Filled with colorful characters, Hollywood insider details and scandalous backstabbing, Starlit combines the fun of Days of Our Lives, Melrose Place and US Weekly into one titillating Hollywood drama.

Sound good?  Then leave a comment to be entered to win-we have FIVE copies to give away. We'll choose the winner on Friday 12/3 after 6pm PST.

And read on to discover what's on Lisa's bucket list! (And if she figures out how to make #5 happen, we hope she shares her secret!)


1. Have dinner with Warren Buffet.

2. Live in Italy for a time.

3. Go around the world in 80 weeks.

4. Have enough $$$ to give millions and millions and millions to Charity- and not even feel it! :)

5. To be able to eat anything I want and never gain a pound :)

Thanks Lisa!  xo, L&L

To read more about Lisa, head on over to her website.  Or you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.