Liz & Lisa’s Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway: The Winners!

*Liz & Lisa step up to podium, clear throats and fight over who gets to give the speech*

And Liz wins because she's a helluva better public speaker than Lisa!

2010 has been an amazing year for Chick Lit Is Not Dead and we owe it all to YOU. A huge THANK YOU and XOXO to each and every one of you who read our blog posts, leave comments and continue to support us each and every day. As we head into 2011, (how has it been another year already?) we are amazed at how far we've come. We've been "liked" by 4,100 people on our Facebook page (again- thanks to YOU for promoting our contests and supporting us day in and day out!) and have so many of our favorite authors on the site(many of whom supported our Liz & Lisa's Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway- (Big, fat sloppy kisses to all of you who did!) and finished our manuscript, The D Word that we know will find a home very soon!

Next year, we'll be celebrating the two-year anniversary of CLIND- so be on the look out for more big surprises in early February!

But let's be real. We know you're here to read about who's taking home the fabuloso prizes from Liz & Lisa's Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway contest.  So can we have a drum roll please? And maybe the Black Eyed Peas can perform like they did on the Oprah's Favorite things show? Or at the very least, can someone pretend we need the paramedics we have standing by?!

The randomly selected winners of Liz & Lisa's Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway are......

1. Taking home the Blackerry Curve 3G Smartphone is....Amber M! ( ( *cheers* *applause*

2. The proud new owner of the Sony e-Reader pocket edition is...Michelle ( *Woo hoo* *Yee haw*

3. Collecting the fabulous DXG Kensington high-def video camcorder is...Megan ( *standing ovation* *screaming*

4. About to indulge in Hollybeth's Organic Skincare basket is...Jessica T ( *woot* *woot*

5. About to slip on a pair of Ann Roth's designer shoes is...Claire Cook! ( *whistles* *cheers*

6. The winner of the McCall Wilder Holiday Dress for a little girl is... Nancy R! ( *yelling* *screaming*

7. The recipient of the Tikatok gift card is...Franni V! ( *applause* *jumping up and down*

8. The person about to devour the Crumbs Holiday Collection Taste Pack is...Melodie B! ( *cheers* *clinks glass*

9. And last, but not least, the person about to get some serious reading in, the winner of the Basket of Books is...Amanda W! ( *dances around* *cries*

CONGRATULATIONS everyone! And THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the contest and to those of you who referred multiple people to our site! And THANKS to all of the authors featured in the Basket of Books, Blackberry, Mc Call Wilder Designs, HollyBeth's Sony Electronics, Crumbs Bake shop, Ann Roth Shoes DXG Video Cameras & Tikatok!

XOXO, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Liz & Lisa