The Best of Chick Lit Is Not Dead 2010

2010 has been an AMAZING year. On a personal note, Lisa schmoved across the country to be with her man, got married and is soon to have her first baby (due Jan 3rd!). Liz celebrated her ninth wedding anniversary (next year is the big 10! What's the gift for that? Paper? Hmmm..Lisa better figure that one out soon.).

On a professional note, We're very excited about the tremendous support Chick Lit Is Not Dead received from all of you and we again must shout THANK YOU from the top of our lungs for being so freakin' awesome! And although it hasn't happened overnight (WTF with that anyway?!), we're confident our manuscript, The D Word will find a home. And we're super excited that we've already planned our next novel and will begin writing it in early 2011!

But back to CLIND. We love this site because we can write about one of our favorite things-reading. We can share our favorite books and authors with you. And of course, we love having an outlet to tell our personal stories that we find so amusing (hopefully you do too?!). And with so many magazines doing the "Best of 2010", we were inspired to pick our favorite blog posts of the year or what we consider the Best of CLIND 2010

You'll notice this won't be including any author posts-we found it impossible to choose just a few! We've loved having each and every one of them on sharing their 5 things we didn't know or their bucket lists with us. Each in their own way, they've been funny, insightful and honest. And we look forward to having many of them back next year and also meeting some new ones too!

And if you leave a comment today, you can win bundle o' books of some of our favorites of 2010 including, Life After Yes by Aidan Donnelley Rowley, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler, Love In Mid Air by Kim Wright, You Had Me At Woof by Julie Klam and Gunn's Golden Rules by Tim Gunn.  We'll choose the winners after midnight EST Friday, Jan 31st.

So grab a glass of champagne and review the year in CLIND with us!


1. Mommy Monday: Till Death Do Us Part When Liz's beloved German Shepard was diagnosed with cancer, she struggled with how to explain death to her kids without scaring them to, well, death! And when she passed away a few months later, Liz considered this post as her swan song to her.

2. The Bride Card by Lisa- Lisa's wedding in February was a shining moment for both us in 2010.  And because Lisa AND Liz had so much fun playin' that Bride Card during (before and after!) Lisa's wedding, we had to choose this post.

3. Maternity Monday: Open Letter to the Third Trimester We're happy that Lisa's struggles with the last trimester of her pregnancy (heartburn!  Waddling like a duck!) made y'all LOL a bit.  And Liz was just happy that she finally understands why she was so cranky during her third trimester!

4. Mommy Monday: Mommy is Tired! When Liz sat down that Sunday to write her Mommy Monday, she was so tired that she could barley lift her fingers to the keyboard.  In fact, she couldn't think of anything else except how damn tired and cranky she felt.  So she did the only thing she could-she wrote a post about it!  And she was overwhelmed by the support it received from other Moms were also so f*cking tired they couldn't see straight.

5. Writing Wednesday: Does this manuscript make my ass look fat? We can't remember which rejection letter sent us over the edge, but we're so happy it did because we finally realized that our manuscript might be giving us camel toe... We had a blast writing this one.

As much fun as we had writing these posts in 2010, we can't wait for 2011!  We've got some exciting things planned for our 2nd anniversary and as always, we'll be bringing you the very best authors and books.  Oh, and we'll still be ROCKING the giveaways too!

So cheers to all of you-because without you guys, we'd just be two girls talking to ourselves.  Happy New Year-we love you guys!

xoxo, L&L