Lit IT Girl: Debut Author Karen Bergreen

Between life, kids, babies, breast pumps, careers and running this site, we've always thought we've had a lot of sh*t on our plates.  But that was before we met our latest Lit IT Girl, Karen Bergreen.  Not only is she a debut author, she's also a stand-up comedian, former lawyer AND stressed-out mom!  We are officially handing our over-committed crown to her! Karen's debut novel shows off her wicked sense of humor.  Following Pollyis the perfect combination of laughter and mystery!

Would you call Alice Teakle a stalker?  Or just someone with an, um, healthy obsession with golden girl Polly Linley Dawson?  No one much notices Alice: not her boss, not the neighbors, not even her Mother.  Besides, everyone follows Polly: her business selling high-end lingerie you can imagine only her elegant self wearing, her all-over-the-social-pages marriage to movie t follows her a little more….closely.

And when she loses her job and starts to follow Polly Dawson one Manhattan autumn afternoon, Alice stumbles on the object of her attention sprawled dead on the floor of a boutique.  Alice is forced to become truly beneath anyone’s notice. Invisible, in fact. Because she’s accused of murder.

But can another obsession help save Alice with the fallout?  Charlie is Alice’s longtime unattainable crush.  He might be able to help her out of the mess she’s in…in return for a favor or two, that is.    And how will Alice find out if Charlie is really the man Alice thinks he is?

We think you'll LOVE this hilarious novel.  That's why we have FIVE copies to give away!  Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  We'll choose the winners on Friday night after 6pm PST.

And stay tuned-next week we'll be rolling out a new feature with one of your FAVORITE authors.  Can you guess who?


1. How many agents did you query before you found "the one"? I was very lucky.  A close friend in publishing enjoyed a draft of a novel (never to be published-believe me, it's better this way) to a well-regarded literary agent.  The agent thought I had some talent. I happened to mention my idea for a new novel: a loser with promise becomes addicted to following people, and one of them ends up dead. She urged me to drop the 368-baby I had produced and instead start from scratch.  She took me on.  I felt incredibly lucky.

2. What was your rock bottom moment during the process? I'm glad this is your next question because I am not that lucky.  The agent from the last question (there is no need to learn her name as you will soon realize)  had problems with the book, namely,  I needed a plot. She tried to tell me this, but she couldn't speak my language and I couldn't speak hers.  She dumped me.  I didn't tell anyone for three days.  Not my husband, not my friends, which is a big deal as I am not a private person.  Finally, I told my friend, Victoria Skurnick, the one who had introduced me to the agent to begin with.  Victoria, prominent in publishing, had recently become an agent herself.  She offered to take a look at my plotless novel.  She fell in love with Alice and because she knew me, she knew how to tell me exactly what I needed to do to transform the pages into an actual book.

3. How long did it take to write your book? I wish I could say I wrote it on a napkin at The Olive Garden for the 23 minutes I waited for my Sicilian Scampi, but it was more like two years.

4. What did you do to celebrate your book deal? I stopped hating myself for 24 hours. The best part was this:  Polly in the novel is Alice's arch enemy from college, someone who has prospered in the face of really bad behavior; I have a couple of people like that in my own life and when they asked me "How is that novel of yours going?" I savored saying St. Martin's 2010.

5. Knowing what you know now about publishing your first novel, what would you have done differently? I would have made it about vampires.

6. Who is your writer crush? Susan Isaacs.  And when I met her, I, the chattiest person in town, had absolutely nothing to say.  After twenty minutes I uttered, "Duh, I really liked Almost Paradise."

7.  What's your biggest distraction or vice while writing? You ask the question incorrectly?  It should be: what isn't your biggest distraction while writing? Then I could say, with confidence, "taking my kids to the park."  I hate the park, by the way.  I am likely to be distracted by TV, which is sacred, hunger, boredom, sickness, health, and getting the mail.

8.  GNO drink of choice? champagne or a rich red wine.

9.  Favorite trashy TV show? I don't watch TV. just kidding.  Is the Good Wife considered trashy?  I love that.  I like things that get canceled.  I loved Mercy on NBC.  I was in deep love with James Tupper.

10.  What celeb would you love to have a Twitter war with? Bill Maher because he is the only person I violently agree and disagree with.

Thanks Karen! xo, L&L

To read more about Karen, head on over to her website or find her on Facebook or Twitter.