Sweet Valley High's Francine Pascal's 5 Do's and a Do-over

Are YOU ready to take a trip down memory lane with Sweet Vally Confidential: 10 Years Later?  We've been chomping at the bit to find out what Liz and Jess (and hottie, Porche driving Bruce Patman) have been up to all these years!  Ah, the nostalgia!  It's intoxicating! Well, the waiting is over because Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later is available TODAY. Now you can finally return to the idyllic Sweet Valley, home of the phenomenally successful book series and franchise. Iconic and beloved identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back and all grown up, dealing with the complicated adult world of love, careers, betrayal, and sisterhood.

But seriously, what have those beyotches been up to???!!!

In lieu of that information, we have SVH creator and author Francine Pascal sharing her 5 Do's and a Do-over with us today.  And GUESS WHAT? We have TWO copies to give away-just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  That's as easy as Jessica used to be back in the day...(Sorry couldn't resist-we were always Team Liz!)  We'll choose the winners on Friday night after 6pm PST.


5 DO'S

1.  Best thing I ever did was to have three children. And lucky for me, they were girls. Nothing like having the fun of your own Sex and the City friends. People who love you, understand you, laugh with you and forgive your mistakes. Of course, you have to wait a bit until they outgrow the awfulness of those teenage years. But it's worth the wait.

2.  Second best thing: Pick up and leave the country after my husband died. I went to France where I knew no one and not a word beyond Merci. It saved my life and gave me my favorite book, If Wishes Were Horses (aka La Villa).

3.  Third best thing: Understanding that ideas were my forte. The first good idea was My Mother Was Never a Kid about a girl who can't get along with her mother and through some time warp goes back to her mother's childhood and becomes her mother's best friend. This was 1974 before all those other movies and books using that same idea. And then I came up with Fearless about a girl born without the fear gene. I made that up and it turned out to be sort of true. And of course, Sweet Valley High.

4.  The fourth important DO is not to stop writing. As long as I have ideas and a computer, I will continue.

5.   But the real winner was to not go into acting. I know now that I would have been a terrible actor. I found that out when I recorded the epilogue for Sweet Valley Confidential-Ten Years Later. I was reading my own words and I was awful, totally without talent.


I wish I wrote for Saturday Night Live.


Thanks Francine!  xoxo, L&L

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