The Royal Wedding: To watch Or Not To watch?

We've been BFF's for over two decades, so sometimes it seems like we've almost morphed into the same person.  People often comment on our similar speech patterns, our common likes and dislikes and our shared penchant for really, really bad reality TV.(You're Cut Off marathon, anyone?)  But there's one issue that we VIOLENTLY disagree on.  An issue that is threatening to tear our twenty-three year friendship apart. The Royal Wedding.

While Lisa is triple checking that her DVR is set and getting her tissues ready, Liz is rolling her eyes and wondering how Kate Middleton's dress design is making headline news (isn't the fact that a tank of gas now practically costs more than a bottle of really good wine more interesting?!)  And after Lisa publicly called Liz out on Facebook as a Debbie Downer: Royal Wedding edition, we decided to take it to the mat blog to make our cases.  And we'll leave it up to you to decide who's right! (and yes, we take bribes!) 

Leave a comment to tell us what YOU think and we'll choose someone to receive a copy of Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins on Sunday night after 6pm PST.


Thirty years ago, I watched Princess Di marry Charles. It was live. There were no such things as digital recording devices. I couldn't forward through the boring parts or rewind to catch something again. I just had to watch. And all I remember is loving every minute of it. I remember Diana's dress with its big poofy sleeves and the train that seemed to stretch for days. I remember being wide-eyed with excitement that I was watching history in the making. (Even though I admit I was also pretty darn excited about this new thing I'd heard about called MTV which debuted just a couple of days later.) I didn't know it then, but 750 million people were watching that royal wedding me.  That's a mother truckin' lot of people, people! So, um, yeah I'll be watching this royal wedding too.  And not just because it's history in the making again. But because I care about the really important stuff like what she'll be wearing, how she'll arrive(horse drawn carriage? convertible? what celebs will be there? Becks and Posh? Elton?).  Now don't get me wrong, after a lot of sleepless nights with a new baby, I'm not thrilled about the early wake up call. But yes, I'm going to wake up (the DVR is only a back up) and soak it all in- LIVE. Take that, Liz Fenton!


Before you even ask, yes, I watched Diana watch down the aisle so many years ago in her ridiculously long train and loved every minute of it.  Fortunately for me back then, there was no such thing as a 24 news cycle.  My eyes weren't bleeding with hours and hours of coverage on everything from the royal cake to Kate's shoes.  I was able to turn on CNN and catch up on all of the actual events of the world that mattered, like Japan's recovery and the growing conflicts around the world, rather than be force-fed the details of the royal wedding parade route.  It's not that I'm William and Kate hater.  I think Kate seems down to earth and I have no doubt she'll make a beautiful bride.  And even though Harry always been my fave of the brothers(he just seems so naughty-I always love the bad boys...), I'm cool with William. But it's the over-coverage that's sending me screaming in the other direction.  The desperateness of every single organization to make EVERY FREAKIN' DETAIL a major news story and exploit ANY possible comparison of Diana and Kate. That it's a major effort to avoid it because of the infiltration of every aspect of my life-Facebook! Twitter! My favorite morning radio show! So because of that, I must boycott.  Although, even this wedding grinch must admit that I'm pretty damn curious about her dress.  Lisa, you have permission to email me a picture!  And P.S.-stop tagging me in your Facebook posts about it!

Will you be watching?  Tell us!

xoxo, Liz & Lisa