Why I watch...The Bachelor Pad by Lisa

What's not to love about bad TV? Especially bad reality TV. It's entertaining, mind numbing (oh so mind numbing!) and becoming a spectator sport that could rival any ancient Roman gladiator fight. (Have you seen Jersey Shore?) And with so much bad TV out there, we though we'd start defending why we choose to use what little time we have to watch something so ridiculously shitty. So, of course, Bachelor Pad was first on my list!

For those of you not familiar (c'mon you can't just say no to this show) Bachelor Pad is a mansion full of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who didn't get enough the first time and have returned to manipulate, back stab and even make out with each other in an attempt to win a grand prize of 250,000. It's kind of a Survivor meets Big Brother with some rose ceremonies thrown in.

Still need more convincing before you tune in?

Well lucky you! Because here's not one but five reasons why I watch (and think you should too):

1. The Dramz. This season, the Pad is full of tears, confrontations and lots of ex-fiances. There was Jake (the former Bachelor) vs. Vienna (his ex-fiance). (Boo hoo. Poor Jake was just voted off). Then there's Vienna's new main squeeze, Kasey, a.k.a. Mr. Guard and Protect Your Heart (he tatooed a crest on his wrist for Bachelorette, Ali and shockingly didn't get picked.) who thinks he's the Godfather of the group. And don't forget Holly who has the hots for Blake even though her former fiance' Michael is in the other room crying because she broke his heart. And of course there's gorgeous but crazy Michelle (who competed for Bachelor Brad's affection) who doesn't seem so crazy anymore when you compare her to crazy ass Melissa (just voted off). Mix in a few other crazies, a mansion, a lot of alcohol and a hot tub (you just don't have a good, solid reality show without one!) and you've got a recipe for a delicious guilty pleasure.

2. The Power Couples. Why tune in to Cspan when you can watch these guys strategize like they're planning a covert military operation. Never mind that they've got the collective brainpower of a family of fleas.

3. The Hot Bods. Hey call me a cougar, but there are some hotties running around. Male and female! In my defense, I don't get out much these days....

4. Chris Harrison. The host. He has the best job in television. He earns a paycheck for occasionally reeling off some rules, reminding everyone when it's the final rose (because they can't see it sitting there on the table) and of course whenever he sees the most dramatic moment in Bachelor Pad history.

5. You'll feel better (about yourself) after. 'Nuff said.