Holy Photoshopping! Adele editon by Liz

We've all been guilty of it.  Wishing our ass was smaller, our boobs bigger, our post-baby tummies devoid of that unyielding flat tire. (Damn that flat tire!) Often times you'll hear me say, I'd be really happy if I could just lose just five more pounds.  And then after losing them, guess what?  I feel like I need to lose five more.  Long story short: women are incredibly hard on themselves. (And on each other, but that's a whole other blog in itself!)

Which is why I love when someone like Adele comes along. Talented, beautiful and not a size 2, she disproves the notion that sexy only comes in a few sizes. Sweeping the Grammys, she rocked the house when she performed in her beautiful and form-fitting black dress.  And she was going to be on the cover of Vogue in March!  Wow, a plus-size woman on the cover?  Amazing! I was elated.

Until I saw the cover.

My first thought?  Who the F is that and what did they do with Adele?  My second thought? Can I hire Vogue's photoshopper to work on my Christmas card next year?  DAMN!

Yes, she looks UH-Amazing. But it doesn't look like her.  And what bothers me is that NO ONE in the world seems to give a shit about her size except the editors at Vogue.  Certainly not the millions of fans like me who love her music.  Her pure talent outweighs any of that bullshit.  She got her heart ripped out by someone, just like we all have at one time or another, and made some incredible music out of it. (Take that, asshole who smashed her heart in two!)  WHO CARES how much she weighs.

And why in the hell did Vogue book her if they were planning on throwing her in a corset and photoshopping the crap of her anyway?  What is the point of making someone look like a completely DIFFERENT person?  Yes, she looks hot.  But I think she would have looked just as hot had they lost the freakin' corset and just let her show herself exactly the way she is.

Woman in general already struggle so much with body image. Even the most beautiful girls are taught to hate something about themselves, and I believe that cropping the bejesus out of Adeles's arm sends a terrible message to our daughters.  You're not worthy unless you like this.  You can be a RIDICULOUSLY talented singer but all that matter is the size of your ASS. Really?  We've evolved as a society so much, yet women are still  judged, not by their accomplishments, but by their dress size. Makes. Me. CRAZY. When will we learn to love ourselves?

So there. *steps off soapbox* I'd like to know what YOU think.  Do you think Vogue went too far?  Or are you happy they gave Adele a anorexic makeover?  Tell me!

xoxo, Liz