Top 5 Sweet Valley High moments with giveaway!

We don't know about you, but we were freakin' obsessed with Sweet Vally High back in the day.  Carrying our tattered copies everywhere, we LOVED those damn Wakefield twins, even if Jessica was a total bitchface and Elizabeth was the biggest effing goody two shoes we'd ever laid eyes on. For us, SVH defined a time of our lives. So to celebrate our great love for the series, we thought we'd highlight our TOP FIVE best SVH moments.  And we'd love to hear yours too!  And guess what?  SVH books 1-12 are now available as Ebook and we are giving away FIVE Ecopies of the entire series!  Click here to grab a copy of your favorite!


1. Playing With Fire: Oh, Jessica!  Of course you want to hook up with rich bad boy Bruce Patman!  We get it, we would have loved to cruise around in his Porshe too. But, when she gets all clingy with him and starts ditching cheerleading practice, Elizabeth goes all Cheaters and catches him with some slutty redhead at the pizza place. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

2.  All Night Long-  Jessica really likes those bad boys!  This time it's Scott, the college boy (check out his super cool stache on the old school cover above).  She heads out to a party with him and doesn't return!  ALL NIGHT LONG!  What a slutbag!  Well, actually, he wanted to feel her up and she wasn't having it and then he passed out so she couldn't get home.  When she doesn't return, Elizabeth pretends to be Jessica so Jessica can get a decent score on a test for once--totally pissing off her goody goody other half, Todd Wilkens! The Drama!

3. Kidnapped! We were on the edge of our seat when creepy Carl the orderly kidnaps Liz from her candy striper job(that's what she gets for doing all those good deeds!).  He really brutalizes her by forcing her to eat frozen pancakes.  Then she escapes, thank GOD!  Because who would run The Oracle if Crazy Carl had killed her?

4. Rags to Riches When it's revealed that Roger Barrett, former school poor kid, is actually wealthy Bruce Patman's cousin, OF COURSE Jessica wants a piece of that .  The only problem?  His longtime girlfriend, Olivia, who didn't give a sh*t that Roger didn't drive a Porsche for the past fifteen books.  So, Jessica starts kissing Mrs. Patman's ass so Roger will choose her to be his date at the fancy country club dance in his honor.  But thankfully. Roger realizes that Jessica is a money hungry B before it's too late and sticks with his girl, Olivia.

5. The New Jessica- People keep mistaking Jessica for Liz.  SHOCKING!  I mean, they are identical twins, right?  So Jessica dyes her hair black and starts speaking in a British accent and hits on Liz's new boyfriend about 3.2 seconds after they break up.  Then Elizabeth beats black-haired British accented Jessica out for a modeling job, so Jessica dyes her hair BACK to blond and tries to impersonate Liz.  Then the modeling people realize there are TWO of them and they get to model together, as twins.  Because horrible behavior like that should always pay off, right?

What are YOUR fave moments?  Leave a comment and be entered to win a copy of THE ENTIRE E-SERIES. Seriously!  We have five to give away!  We'll choose the winners after Sunday, December 2nd at 3pm PST.  Good luck!