Nancy Vu tell us why we should enjoy the little things

15812193Our guest today: Nancy Vu Why we love her: Her glass is always half-full!

Her latest: Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life's Simple Pleasures

The Scoop: Seeing a baby yawn. Drawing on a foggy window. Finding a curly fry mixed in with your regular fries.

These and 247 other little things that make everyday life a joy are collected in this delightful, surprising, and heartfelt book. Based on the popular website, this book will strike a chord in anyone who is open to celebrating the little moments of greatness all around us.

Our thoughts: Perfect pick me up to help out things in perspective when you're having a bad day!

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imagesL&L: What inspired you to write about the little things?

NV: I’ve found that what makes me happiest is the little things. I tend to notice small moments in life, and those are what typically make my day… I get excited when my parents come home from the grocery store with all of my favorite snacks. I love seeing smile lines around people’s eyes because I like to think they’re from spending a life full of laughter. I love seeing the “personalities” of each person’s unique handwritings. And I love the satisfying feeling when I’m vacuuming and hear crumbs being sucked up or all of the dust and dirt accumulate in the vacuum chamber… Some may think that all of these things make me weird, but I think people should really take in all of these types of moments, since they happen so frequently and get so little recognition. I’ve blogged for a couple of years before Just Little Things, and I thought it would be a neat idea to create a blog featuring all of the “little things” in life. I thought that I couldn’t be the only one who likes and notices these types of things and hoped that people would understand the message of my blog and that it would give them a fresh perspective.

L&L: Why do you think people struggle so much to find happiness in the simple things?

NV: We live in a busy world, and there seems to always be something to stress about. In my own life as a high school senior, for example, there’s stress from the whole college application process, prom, AP exams… There’s always something to do or something to worry about, and that’s what overshadows simple pleasures and what makes it so hard to slow down and find happiness in the “little things.”

L&L: How did you come up with the "little things" in the book?

NV: Many of the “little things” in the book are from my Just Little Things blog. Sometimes it is fairly easy to come up with these because the “little things” are everywhere! But I have to admit, with now over 900 entries on my blog, it sometimes gets difficult to come up with “little things” to post. I have to remember to write one down when I come across one in my head in the middle of the day. I’m grateful for many of my followers, friends, and family who are always suggesting new ideas!

L&L: What books inspire you?

NV: The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and many books by Malcolm Gladwell are some self-improvement books that I really love.

L&L: Tell us three "Little Things" that made you smile today.

NV: As I was walking to my car this morning, I saw this guy walking to school listening to music. Because he had earphones on, I don’t think he realized he was singing so loudly! How content he seemed, being in his own world, made me smile and also laugh a bit. Also, I saw an old couple speed-walking together this morning... So cute. Another “little thing” today was getting one of my papers back and receiving positive comments from my teacher. Makes me feel so proud!

L&L: What's up next for you?

NV: I think I might start on another project some time in the future. Maybe I’ll be able to expand this idea further, beyond the realm of social media. Still brainstorming!

L&L: Why should our readers run out to grab a copy of Just Little Things?

NV: Just Little Things makes a great pick-me-up on a bad day, an interesting coffee table book, and a perfect gift for friends and family! It is basically a “happy book” full of colorful, easy-to-read pages. And who doesn’t need a smile now and then?