Gill Hornby's 5 Fall Faves

thehive-coverOur guest today: Gill Hornby Why we love her: Her writing is sharp and witty!

Her latest: The Hive

The scoop: It's the start of another school year at St. Ambrose. While the children are busy in the classroom, their mothers are learning sharper lessons. Lessons in friendship. Lessons in betrayal. Lessons in the laws of community, the transience of power...and how to get invited to lunch.

Beatrice -- undisputed queen bee. Ruler, by Divine Right, of all school fundraising, this year, last year, and, surely, for many to come.

Heather -- desperate to volunteer, desperate to be noticed, desperate to belong.

Georgie -- desperate for a cigarette.

And Rachel -- watching them all, keeping her distance. But soon to discover taht the line between amused observer and miserable outcast is a thin one.

THE HIVE is a wickedly funny and brilliantly observed story about female friendship, power plays, and the joys and perils (well, mainly perils) of trying to do one's part.

Our thoughts: Dubbed the "Mean Girls" for Moms--lots of fun!

Giveaway: TWO copies!  Leave a comment and we'll choose the winners on Sunday Sept 22nd after 8am.

Fun fact: Gill's brother is About a Boy author Nick Hornby.

Where to read more about Gill: Facebook and Twitter.


Gill Hornby, author of THE HIVEMemory

The smell and the feel and the pristine cleanliness of a brand new exercise book on the first day of term of the new school year, and the excitement of writing my name on the cover.


Blackberry and Apple Crumble. We love picking blackberries from the hedges round here, and I always add granola to the crumble topping.


I never drink cocoa at any other time of year, but when the nights first start to get chilly, one feels obliged to indulge.


Long walks. I go on a walking holiday with three girlfriends every fall. The cooler air and bright days make for perfect conditions. We are starting to notch up a quite impressive mileage.

Writing inspiration

The children are back at school after the long and busy summer,  the house is quiet again and I can get back into my study undisturbed - that's the only inspiration I need.

Thanks, Gill!