Jennifer Weiner's latest Halloween eShort story!

Jennifer Weiner's Disconnected book coverToday's author: Jennifer Weiner Her latest eShort story: Disconnected

The scoop: Shannon Will is nearing thirty and has already made six trips to rehab (not that anyone's counting). But this time, she swears, will be different. She'll clean up her act, go to meetings, find a sponsor, make a clean break with her past -- starting with a new phone number.

But old ties aren't so easy to sever. When Shannon's new phone starts getting messages she was never meant to see, Shannon has to decide whether to risk getting involved, or stay safely disconnected.

Gripping, suspenseful and smart, DISCONNECTED is a riveting tale of addiction and obligation, secrets and redemption.

Our thoughts: Love her Halloween-inspired eStories! The perfect fun read to kick off Halloween week!

Fun fact: This year's eShort story has a special treat -- it features a character that will make an appearance in Jennifer's highly anticipated forthcoming novel, All Fall Down, coming this April 1st, 2014.

Get your copy of Disconnected! And pre-order All Fall Down!