Diary of a Debut: The Waiting Game

waiting-wordleI'm not sure if you've noticed or not, but we are two of the most Type A, impatient bitches around. In fact, it's a miracle we've made it this far as authors because, well, in case you didn't know, the publishing process is ALL ABOUT WAITING. WAITING to finish the manuscript.

WAITING for your beta reader's feedback so you can incorporate edits. (Thanks, Mom!)

WAITING to hear what your (wonderful!) editor think of above-mentioned MS.

Because, when you've spent the last several months pouring your heart and soul into your manuscript, you really, really, REALLY want your editor to tell you that you nailed it. (Or at least just tell you it doesn't totally blow!)  And not just because of all the back-breaking work that goes into major revisions---it's more the mental aspect of it. You start to second guess yourself, start to wonder if you ever knew anything at all. We just need to hear that, ya, WE STILL GOT IT.  That we're not falling into the second book rut, that Your Perfect Life isn't the only story we'll ever tell.

We sent off The Status of All Things last week and held our breath, praying that Greer would love our heroine, Kate, as much as we did.  That she'd think we did her story justice.  And most importantly, as Kate tries to figure out if she can change her destiny by what she writes in her Facebook status, that she'd agree we found the right balance of humor, heart and spunk.

We almost didn't want to click on Greer's email when it came in today. But when we finally did, we were THRILLED to discover that she devoured our first draft--that she felt it was a great follow-up to Your Perfect Life. To say we are relieved/thankful/ecstatic is an understatement! We can't wait for you to read it in 2015! *does happy dance*

And stay tuned---we are currently scheduling book tour dates for June--we are so excited to get out there and meet y'all--we'll have some news on that soon!