Ann Shoket

Ann Shoket's 5 Thing's I'd Tell the Teen Me

Our guest today: Ann Shoket Why we love her: Um, she's the editor-in-chief of SEVENTEEN magazine-and the giggling Guess jean-wearing teen girls inside of us are jumping up and down that she's on CLIND!

Her latest: Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty: The Best Hair, Skin, Nails and Makeup Ideas for you

The scoop on it: When it comes to teen beauty advice, no brand is more trusted than Seventeen, the #1 best-selling monthly teen magazine. Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is a girl's handbook to celebrating her natural beauty. It’s packed with clear, customized service that helps make the most of her skin tone, her face shape, her hair texture, and her style! Each chapter is filled with detailed how-tos, amazing inspiration, and awesome advice from Seventeen’s editors and the Beauty Smarties, our real-girl beauty experts, to help the reader have fun with her look!.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Beauty is broken down into three main sections: makeup, hair, and a resource guide. Makeup is organized by five beauty vibes—Girly, Boho, Classic, Glam, and Edgy—and shows you how to look great for any occasion (school, weekend, party, date). Each vibe offers exclusive makeup looks from Seventeen’s Beauty Smarties, insider secrets from celeb experts, and an inspiration board filled with runway, red carpet, and real girl ideas. Hair is organized by styles: braids and twists, waves and curls, updos and buns, sleek and straight, and ponytails. Each chapter includes easy-to-do styles for every occasion, a Smarties spotlight, celeb tricks, and an inspiration board. The book ends with comprehensive resource guides to getting clear skin and great nails—and gives detailed info on getting ready for a big event, like prom or sweet sixteen.


Our thoughts: Whether you're a teenager or just still feel like one, this guide is super fun!

Giveaway: FIVE copies! Leave a comment and we'll choose a winner on Sunday, July 8th after Noon PST.

Fun Fact: They've made a cool book trailer-check it out here!

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1. Stand up straight and own being tall! Slouching doesn't make you look more petite, it makes you look more slouchy. Your feet will look smaller in heels and your clothes will look better if you roll your shoulders back and have good posture! (I wear 4" heels every day now and I feel weird in flats!)

2. Your life is endless possibility! Don't let anyone tell you that they way things are now are they way they are always going to be. There are huge adventures in store for you if you go looking for them.

3. Your gym teacher knows that you write your own excuse notes to get out of gym. No one could have cramps that often. But you will wish you were more into sports sometime around 25 when all that pizza finally catches up with you.

4. You are pretty. Even if you don't feel it, even if you don't look like the people around you. You will figure out how to get bouncy hair and clear skin and you will find people who appreciate your looks.

5. You are becoming the person you want to be. It's easy to think of high school as practice for "real life" but it turns out that the things you're learning now about drive, positivity, ambition, tenderness . . . are the things you will carry with you forever. This is real life, so make it count.

Thanks Ann! xoxo, L&L