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5 Things Liz & Lisa Didn't Know About... Sarah Dunn

Today is a BIG day for us! Especially for Lisa... because one of her biggest author crushes, Sarah Dunn, is HERE. Yeah, we know what you're thinking, we have A LOT of author crushes. What can we say? We're kind of author crush whores! But hey, we'll take the label. Because we're thrilled that there are so many fantastic female writers out there to lust after.

Now back to Sarah. It all started with The Big Love. When Lisa read the story of Alison Hopkins who gets dumped-hard-when her live-in boyfriend, Tom, goes out for MUSTARD and, um, never returns. Let's just say Lisa could relate. No, none of her boyfriends went out for a condiment and disappeared, but many of them did dump her-hard. So she could feel Alison's pain. Especially when Tom calls to say he's in love with another woman AND he's been sleeping with her for FIVE months. OUCH. And now Alison, flat broke and working for a floundering newspaper, must jump back into the single world. *Sigh*

And then Sarah wrote Secrets to Happiness and we both boned out over the story of Holly Frick (love that name) who is still in love with the man she's divorcing. Double Ouch. And Holly's happily married best friend reveals she's about to have an affair...And then another woman comes to Holly asking for love advice- with Holly's EX. (Sarah knows how to build the drama!) So Holly, determined to find happiness, gets herself a much younger man (score) and a dog... And we LOVED the theme of this story that we can all relate to- searching for happiness.  And if you leave a comment, you'll be entered to WIN 1 of 5 copies of Secrets to Happiness- out in paperback now!

And now, here's Sarah... who we love even more after this mother of a newborn (she gave birth just weeks ago) *raise champagne glass* managed to find time to bust out five things and reveal, among other things, that she LOVES inappropriate TV! Have we died and gone to Heaven? Can Sarah get any better? We'll let you be the judge... (PS: Hopefully we can get more scoop about #1!)

5 Things Liz & Lisa didn't know about...Sarah Dunn!

1. The book Sex and the City is dedicated to my husband, Peter Stevenson. I find this more than a little alarming.

2. The first animal sound my son Harry learned how to say was the camel’s. He still won’t meow, moo, or go woof-woof, but if you ask him what a camel says, he spits.

3. My Secret Celebrity Crush is Brody Jenner. Related to this, I suppose, is the fact that I watch a lot of age-inappropriate TV.  I’ve only recently come to terms with the idea that I am too old to be on The Real World.  I also love ‘Snapped’, a true crime show wherein ordinary women just like you and me kill their husbands.  They can’t help it.  They just snap.

4. One of my most cherished possessions is a hot water bottle shaped like a little horse that I call The Hot Pony. I bought it in Ireland, where liability issues are such that children are encouraged to sleep with stuffed animals filled with boiling water.

5. I just had a baby.  Her name is Alice. I haven’t slept for more than three straight hours in seven weeks.  I wish I could think of something more clever to say.

Um, Sarah, we think you deserve an award for even finishing these five things! And we love them!

For more info on the lovely Sarah Dunn, visit her website.

Thanks! xoxo, L&L