5 (More) Things Liz & Lisa Didn't Know About...Jane Green

She's baaack!

The Queen of Chick Lit is paying us another visit and we're rolling out the red carpet! (She is the Queen after all!) Last time, she made us this entertaining video (with appearances by her children and other glimpses into her home life!) and today, she reveals five more things that have us LOL'ing. (And we don't just LOL over anything, people!)

It's no secret that we love us some Jane Green. Not just because she's a talented author, but she's also personable and just downright nice. So it should come as no surprise that her latest novel (out now!), Promises to Keep is also at the top of our list! It's a story about the hard choices we have to face, about having to be your parent's child long after you've grown up and about the enduring nature of love. And not only do we think you should buy this book because it's fabulous, but also because 20% of the royalties go to City of Hope!

But you know us, we're giveaway whores too... so of course we have FIVE copies of Jane's novel in our hot little hands. Just leave a comment here and you could be the proud new owner of Jane's latest masterpiece.

And if you're not already following Jane on Facebook or Twitter, you should. You can get constant updates about her life (she's a mother of SIX) and her books (Promises to Keep is her 12th!). Plus, she's hilarious. As you'll see below...

5 (more) Things Liz and Lisa Didn't Know about...Jane Green!

1. I am allergic to exercise. Truly. I have been through phases in my life when I try, but...but...I just can’t be bothered.  A couple of years ago I quite liked running on a treadmill. I never made it past a mile or so, but it felt quite good. And then I stopped. I spend many nights lying in bed planning to exercise in the morning, and then morning comes and...I still can’t be bothered.

2.  I cry when I laugh. Always. This makes mascara-wearing a bit of a liability, and I do not go anywhere without at least four tissues in my bag.

3.  I have the patience of a fruit fly, with no attention-span whatsoever. I spent many happy hours at school daydreaming out of windows, and am still not entirely sure how I passed any exams at all. Now they would have diagnosed ADD, but then it was just endless report cards saying: must try harder.

4.  Turning forty was one of the best days of my life. Turning forty-one, however, was miserable. I was so geared up about turning forty, it never occurred to me that I was going to continue growing older. Turning forty-two, thankfully, was fine. And if you tell me I look thirty five I will be your best friend forever.

5. According to my husband, I am not a very good driver, but I think I am the best driver in the world. Many people have been known to ride in the passenger seat with one hand hovering on the door handle. I am ashamed to admit I once sent a jogger flying over a hedge. Twin B also claims car sickness whenever he’s in the back, but I think that’s just attention-seeking...

Thanks again, Jane!

xoxo, L&L