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5 Steps To A Better Me by Liz

I'm not gonna lie-I'm not too sad to say goodbye to 2010.  While it was a year with some awesome highlights(Lisa's wedding and pregnancy, so many AWESOME authors and giveaways...), it was also a year of transition(new job, juggling blog and aforementioned new job and my daughter's first year of kindergarten...).  And geez, could any more of my fave celebrity couples call it quits?  Even though there's part of me that is sooo stoked my celebrity crush and complete HOTTIE Ryan Reynolds is single again, it always bums me out to see people throw in the towel.  And was I the only one that thought that Courtney Cox and David Arquette were going to make it for the long haul?

But what makes 2011 most special is Lisa's special delivery-due ANY MINUTE.  I wish we lived in the same state so I could bring her over a casserole (Do people still do that anymore?) and a Xanax after the baby arrives.  Just kidding.  She really doesn't like casseroles.

As you might have guessed, Lisa's on maternity leave for the next month or so.  So since she's not available, I made her New Year's resolutions for her.  And I think I did a damn fine job, if I do say so myself!

Lisa's New Year's Resolutions

1. Get baby to sleep

2. Get myself to sleep

3. Mop floors. Again! (Did I mention her cleanliness obsession?)

4. Repeat above steps.

And me? On NYE, our family declared our resolutions for 2011.  My daughter resolved to try to be less annoyed by my son and my son resolved to stop using he words POOP and BOOTY in every single sentence. (See why she gets annoyed?)  And the hubs?  He resolved to win Streak for the Cash-the ESPN online contest that he's obsessed involved with.

But what about me?  I mean, I've got a ton of shit to get done in 2011.  And that means I need more than just one resolution, right?  Right!

And speaking of resolutions, I have an advanced copy of Here, Home, Hope by Kaira Rouda -it's a story about a woman resolved to make some major changes in her life.  It doesn't come out until May but you can win it here!  Just leave a comment and you're entered! I'll choose the winners after 6PM PST on Friday night.

Liz's 2011 Resolutions

1. ROCK my new bangs- So... I'm not sure what I was thinking last week.  But I'm going to make the best of it.

2. Get a literary agent- It's been a long road but I have a feeling that 2011 is the year we go BIGTIME.  Or at least that's what my spiritual counselor told me anyway.

3. Start P90X- Getting six pack abs is the least I can do after I forced asked my husband to meet some creepy guy from Craig's List in the Walgreen's parking lot so I could save $50 on it. Related resolution: Lose the five pounds I've gained sitting on my ass the past two weeks playing the Wii we got for Christmas. Damn you Super Mario Brothers! Related resolution #2: Come to terms with the fact that the Wii has brought out latent "gamer" tendencies in my husband that I had been previously unaware of. *gag*

4. Complete third manuscript- Oh, this one will be easy.  With Lisa's new bundle of joy and my work schedule, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to do this!  Besides, Lisa and I always work best together when she's sleep-deprived and I'm overwhelmed. *cue girl fight*  I'm just kidding!  I'm actually really looking forward to getting back to writing again.  It will be like visiting an old friend I haven't seen in a while.

5. Learn how to spell resolution-Seriously, what would I do without spell check?  And why do I want it to have two "u"s in it so badly? Clearly, I was absent the week it was on the spelling list.

Happy New Year to each and every and every one of you!  I hope all your dreams come true in 2011.

xoxo, Liz