24 Hours: DIY or bust!

IMG_3307 24 HOURS is our newest feature! We'll be stepping outside of our comfort zones for a full day & hopefully live to write about it! Here's the story of my first foray into the world of the crafties...(PS: I survived!)

Something came over me as I began to plan my daughter's 2nd Sesame Street-themed birthday party. I wasn't going to call that bakery from last year. Forget shopping at my go-tos (Party City or Target) to get all of the fixins.

I was overcome with the idea that I was going to bake and decorate the cupcakes myself. I planned to hand craft all of the decorations. I was on a mission to not only make all of the appetizers but to design them. (Think: Elmo inspired cruditee.)

*Cue record scratch* And make sure the sound is really, really loud.

I'm not a DIY'er.

I'm the girl who relies on fabulous, dream-like wonderlands such as The Container Store to tell me what to do. I buy things with no assembly required. I conceptualize ideas and ask others far more talented to execute.

So WTF was going on here?

A couple of things. A) I wanted to do it for this new 24 HOURS feature! 2) I had to make up for my PARTY FOUL(s) at my daughter's 1st birthday party. (She burned her finger on a lit candle and refused to eat or smash her expensive designer smash cake.)

So there I was, hour one of 24, on Pinterest researching how to make Big Bird out of pineapple and I started to get excited. I can do this, I thought. I think I can, I think I can. And the funniest thing happened, I did. But not without trial and error of course. I did a dry run of the cupcake prep which wasn't without complications. I needed to make sure that they not only tasted good (and that there were no choking hazards for the littles--ended up swapping peanut M&Ms for plain for Elmo's nose! Ha!) but I also wanted to coax  my non-sugar-eating daughter into trying a plain cupcake, thinking by party time when it was decorated to look like Elmo, she'd eat it and make me look like a rockstar in front of our guests. (No such luck.  Goldfish won out #momfailyetagain.)

But the party was still a major success (if I do say so me-self). Here are the pictures to prove that even the most non-DIY girl has a little (or a lot) of DIY in her. And for those of you who don't think you have an inner-Do-it-yourself-er in there, you should give it a try. Tap into it. You might be surprised what you discover about yourself and your (not so) secret helper (details on that below)! (Click on each photo to get a close-up.)

The presentation! My daughter rejected the cupcakes and went straight for veggies. #notbakingnextyear

Eyes: Marshmellows cut in half with dots of black frosting. Mouth: Oreo cookie split in half. Nose: Orange M&Ms. Cupcakes: From a box #Imnotthatgood










Cookie was carefully crafted with blueberries and blackberries with mini yogurts for eyes. Elmo was made with cherry tomatoes and olives and mini ranch dressing for eyes.


Big Bird was made from pineapple with yogurts for eyes. Oscar is made from broccoli flourettes & his eyebrows are mini carrots. #cantbelieveijustwrotethat









Elmo belonged to us. Sign took 5 minutes to make. Verbage stole from Pinterest.

This has nothing to do with anything other than I could have never known when I met Oscar at the Emmy's 6 years ago, how much of a rockstar it would make me in my future daughter's eyes.

Confession: This DIY'er called in reinforcements. #besthubbyever