Destined to Fail

Lit IT Girl: Debut Author Samantha March

Lit IT Girl has always been one of our fave features.  Because what's more cool that discovering a brand spankin' new author? Um, Not much! Today we're featuring the lovely Samantha March, debut author of Destined to Fail.  Samantha also runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog Chick Lit Plus (which we love!). And we're thrilled that she's wearing the Lit IT girl crown! (she's totally rockin' it, btw!)

Here's the deets on Destined to Fail: Jasmine Jones is ready to begin her new life as a college student, and is ecstatic to have best friend Abby by her side. But weeks into their new college life, Abby drops the bomb- she is pregnant, and dropping out of college. Jasmine can’t handle the fact that Abby is wasting her opportunity to get an education, and going back to her cheating, abusive boyfriend. She struggles to move on from her friendship with Abby, but befriends two new girls at college. Everything seems back on track for Jasmine- great new friendships and roommates, a strong relationship with boyfriend Nate, and excelling at her college courses. But Jasmine’s newfound happiness is shattered when her pregnancy test comes out positive. Does she have to drop out of college now and become a young mother? Will Nate stay with her? How can she afford a child? Jasmine’s life has been filled with obstacles and challenges along the way- from a missing father, sexual and physical abuse, and addictions that tore her family apart. With this latest setback, Jasmine fears her life will always be a struggle. Destined to Fail is one woman’s story about overcoming adversity in life, about taking the negatives and finding a positive, and about never giving up hope.

Sound up your alley?  Well, then leave a comment-we have FIVE copies to give away! We'll choose the winners on Sunday December 11th after 6pm PST.  Good luck!


1. Tell us about your decision to self-publish.  It really wasn’t a tough one, actually. When I first started writing, I thought I would query and go the traditional route. Fast forward three years, a recession, and a rising eBook and self-publishing industry, and I started to think differently. Through my book blog, I was meeting and working with more and more self-published authors. I saw that being self-published doesn’t mean failure or weakness. To me, it means taking what you want and making it happen. I’m not good at the waiting game. If I want something, I am going to go for it.

2. What's a line from your "favorite" agent rejection letter? Well, I actually only queried three agents, so I don’t have a big stack of letters to choose from. I was pretty much set on self-publishing once I finished my book, but I thought I should at least give trying the query process a try. I knew my heart wasn’t in it though. I wish I had some good lines to give!

3. What was the hardest part about writing your debut novel? When I first started writing, I was really writing with an audience in mind. As I continued to write, I kept thinking about readers, what they would think about this character and that decision. It took all the fun out of writing, and I thought multiple times about giving up. Then, I saw an author on Twitter say that you need to write for you, not for someone else. I let those words sink in, and the spark was back. I write my books because they are my stories that I want to tell. I can’t constantly think about what others will think, what the feedback will be like, or I’m sure I would have never finished.

4. What is the best/worst advice you received while you were trying to break into the book biz? I have received some great advice along the way from fellow authors, and am extremely lucky to have their input. I don’t know if this is really considered advice, but I was given a lot of helpful tips––from where to buy ISBN’s to how to navigate Smashwords and great recommendations on helpful people along the way, i.e. book formatters or cover designers. I am very self-sufficient and I think I can do anything, but this process and getting a book published made me realize there were many facets where I needed help. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

5. How did you celebrate your book launch? When my eBooks were released, I went a bit crazy. It was a week-long celebration! Special dinners with the boyfriend, a massage, a new watch, and Friday and Saturday night celebrating with friends. Too much? Wait until my print books are out––who knows what will happen then!

6. Who is your writer crush? Is it weird if I say Ann M. Martin? A “writer” crush to me is crushing on someone’s writing abilities, and I have looked up to Ann since I was seven years old. I was a total BSC fanatic.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one book, what would it be? Mine! Too egotistical? Darn it. One of my favorite books (going back to BSC) is BSC IN THE USA. I love reading about all the different places the girls got to see! That book could keep me entertained for a long time.

8. What's on your iPod right now? Beyonce “Love On Top” is on repeat.

9. What's your #1 stress reliever? I’m a big fan of massages. Working out can always help me relieve stress, especially kickboxing. Or else yoga!

10. Who/what would you place in the center of the Entertainment Weekly bullseye? This totally not a writer answer, but I can’t not say the Green Bay Packers! I am a huge cheesehead, and this team is on fire!

Thanks Samantha! xo, L&L

To read more about Samantha, head on over to her website or find her on Facebook and Twitter.