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Best Books Of The Month: October Edition

BOOOOO! Fall is finally on the air, and that means one thing: Lots and lots of reading! We're showcasing tons of fab books this month, and one lucky reader will WIN them all! Leave a comment here or on our Facebook post, and you'll be entered to win. Contest closed Friday, October 23rd at 8am PST. Best of Luck! xoxo

Liz & Lisa's Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway!

It's that time of year again. Christmas carols are playing on the radio, tree farms have popped up everywhere and, let's face it, we're all thinking about what we want for the holidays.   We thought we'd help you out with that this year and share some of our favorite things with you.  Think Blackberries (not the fruit), eReaders and video cameras, to name a few. But because we're feelin' the holiday spirit in a BIG way, we figured we'd do more than share. How about if  we channel Oprah and GIVE our favorite things to you? (*cue applause, hysterical cheering & maybe someone can even faint?*)

All you have to do to be entered in Liz & Lisa's Favorite Things Holiday Giveaway contest- and possibly win one of our favorite things below- is LEAVE A COMMENT HERE and like us on Facebook. And if you are a new fan, let us know in the comment that you leave here!  We love making new friends.

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And now... drum roll please..

CHICK LIT IS NOT DEAD PRESENTS: Liz and Lisa's favorite things of 2010

#1 The Blackberry Curve Because, what can we say, we're texting, Facebook & chatter box whores! And what better way to keep up to date than with this fabulous Blackberry?

Master your everyday with the Blackberry Curve 3G smartphone from Verizon Wireless.  Available in Fuchsia (pictured here), this smartphone is BlackBerry6 ready.  Make your everyday easier with features like 3G speed, real-time BBM chats, GPS, Wi-Fi, apps, multimedia, and more. We have one to give away to you! -A $399 value. Follow Blackberry on Facebook and Twitter.

#2 Sony eReader Because we love to swing both ways. Don't tell our paperbacks and hardcovers that we cheat on them sometimes!

The new Reader Pocket Edition is an ultra-portable, entry-level eBook reader with a five-inch full touch screen and a smart, lightweight design that’s easy to slip into a purse or jacket pocket for convenient, on-the-go reading. It is available in chic colors, including silver and pink – we have the pink one to giveaway! It is the thinnest, lightest and most stylish reader available today and is perfect for any reader on the go. And we have one to give away to you!- A $179.99 value! Follow Sony electronics on Facebook and Twitter.

#3 DXG high-def video camcorder Because we love taking video in style- and how can you go wrong with this adorable camera?

The Kensington 720p HD Camcorder is part of the Luxe Collection that combines high-definition technology and style in one camcorder that is hip, hot and haute. The Kensington 720p HD Camcorder comes in a red plaid pattern that is inspired by the latest trend in fashion that will complement anyone's taste and style. And it even comes with a matching luxury case to store your camcorder! Records high-definition video, captures still pictures up to 8MP image resolution and features a large and bright 3.0" TFT screen. So whether you're on the runway, on the street, in a party or out and about the city, capturing life in high-definition is always in style.

It’s the must-have Techcessory of the season featured on The View and ABC News, the Luxe Collection marries fashion with the latest digital camcorder technology, creating the perfect gadget for stylish moms, trend-setting teens, and fashionistas of any age.

And we have one to give away to you! - Retail value, $149.99. Find DXG on Twitter and Facebook.

#4 HollyBeth’s Organic SkinCare Basket Finally!  Something that will moisturize Liz's crazy dry lizard skin and keep Lisa's skin soft in the dead of winter.

HollyBeth's Natural Luxury is an Atlanta-based, USDA certified organic skin and body care line designed to soothe, pamper and nourish you from head to toe. The gift basket includes all of HollyBeth's best products: Chamomile and Rosemary Facial Cleanser, Rose and Geranium Facial Toner, Rose and Geranium Moisturizer, Grits and Honey Exfoliating Scrub, Eye Cream, Clary Sage Body Wash, Citrus Body Cream, Lavender Hand Cream, and the most luxurious product of all: the Hair and Body Silk. And for your home, HollyBeth's vanilla peppermint SHINE candle is perfect for the holiday season.

And this SkinCare basket can be yours- a $270 value! You can find HollyBeth's on Facebook and Twitter.

#5 Ann Roth Designer Shoes Because we're suckers for a fabulous shoe-and we love on these!

Launched in the spring of 2006, Ann Roth Shoes are luxury for the sole –and favored by one of our all-time fave authors, Emily Giffin. Featuring elegant heels, wedges and boots characterized by classic silhouettes with modern details, each pair is lovingly made in Spain by expert craftsmen. So many collections, so little time!

And we have a $200 gift certificate toward the pair of your dreams! Find Ann Roth shoes on Facebook and Twitter.

#6 McCall Wilder Holiday Dress for Girl Because we LOVE this line of clothing! So adorable!

McCall Wilder designs couture kids’ clothing  - all garments are heirloom quality; all sewn and embroidered by a dedicated team of talented seamstresses in the Atlanta area.  McCall Wilder Designs include a range of special occasion clothing – baptisms, wedding attire and holiday – as well as layette and casual clothing for children up to size 16.

McCall Wilder Designs clothing features unmatched attention to detail, including the use of exquisite, sustainable fabrics and delicate hand embroideries which are the centerpiece of our line of custom and ready-to-wear clothing. Unique features include hand work, including satin-stitched monograms, feather-stitching and bullion embroidery. All clothing is hand made in the USA from the finest natural and sustainable fabrics.

And, we have one McCall Wilder beautiful holiday outfit to give away – it could be custom or from her ready-to-wear selection, up to $150! Find McCall Wilder Designs on Facebook.

#7 Tikatok: Publish your child's own stories as a real book Because Liz is trying to get her kid's foot in the door of the publishing industry early! What a fantastic gift!

Looking for a unique, personalized gift for friends and family this year?  How about your child’s own original stories and artwork captured in a professionally-bound hardcover or paperback book for less than $20?

Tikatok, a Barnes & Noble company, is a fun, interactive online tool that inspires children to create and publish their very own books. You can order the book as a professionally-published hardcover or softcover, or email it to friends and family for the holidays.  Add a dedication and photo and you have a personalized gift created in minutes. Give as a present or display proudly on bookshelves.

And we have a $25 gift card to give away so you can make your own book! Find Tikatok on Facebook and Twitter.

#8 Crumbs Bake Shop Because nothing satisfies Lisa's prego cravings like these!

CRUMBS Bake Shop Holiday Collection Taste Pack features an assortment of six festive flavors for the Holiday Season including Peppermint Hot Cocoa, Gingerbread, Squiggle (red/green versions included), White Hot Chocolate, Christmas Good Guy and Christmas Sprinkle Mix (chocolate vanilla versions included). DELISH! Find Crumbs on Facebook and Twitter.

And we have a one holiday assortment(valued at $24) to give away!

#9 Basket of books Because no holiday list would be complete without a basket of books from some of our favorite authors!

Curl up with a good book by the fire this holiday season.  We've got novels by Jillian Cantor, Jenny McCarthy, Tim Gunn, Sarah Pekkanen, Jean Kwok and more!

Hope you enjoy our favorite things.  Happy holidays! xoxo, L&L

What's on Jillian Cantor's bucket list?

It's no secret that we love books here at CLIND-and we feel so lucky to get to read so many from such talented authors. Even better, then we get to share them with you!  So when we come across a book we really, really love, we get pretty freakin' excited.  Because we know if we love it, then many of our you will too.  And who doesn't want to fall in love with a great book? So when we recently read Jillian Cantor's The Transformation of Things, (due out next Tuesday November 2nd!) we knew that we just HAD to have her on the site.  Jillian is the author of two YA novels and this was her fist foray into women's fiction-we think she hit it out of the park!

In The Transformation of things, Jennifer Levenworth has a headache-a great big pounding headache.  When her husband, a judge, is indicted on bribery charges, everything in her privileged lifestyle starts to fall apart. And something very odd is going on-Jennifer doesn't feel quite right and all of her thoughts are not her own. Suddenly, she's able to have insight to her family and friend's innermost secrets.  Unable to determine why or how it's happening, she begins to wonder what's really going on-with her friends, with her life and with her husband.  And she'll soon discover that her headache was more than just a bad day.

Thought provoking and engaging, The Transformation of Things hits the prefect pitch on the reality of love, marriage and children.  You'll be turning the pages as fast as you can to see if Jennifer can discover what's really going on in her life and ultimately transform herself.  It will have you thinking about it long after you read the last page. (Just ask Liz-she woke up in the middle of the night and was STILL thinking about it!)  So do yourself a favor and pre-order it here!

And we have FIVE copies to give away also!  Just leave a comment and you'll be entered.  We'll pick the winners on Friday night.

And we think you'll dig Jillian's bucket list too!  In fact, Liz was surprised to discover that her's is almost identical to Jillian's. So now she's crushing on her even more than before. (Is that even possible?) Read on to discover if some of these things are on your bucket list!


1. Live in a house near the beach: This is one of those things that my best friend from kindergarten and I promised we’d do together when we were adults. Actually, we wanted matching next-door beach houses, and we planned on hanging out in each other’s kitchens drinking coffee together every morning while our kids played. Currently we live thousands of miles apart, not that close to any beaches. But we still mention those matching beach houses almost every time we talk on the phone.

2. Adopt a child: I am a mom to two amazing children who I gave birth to, but I’ve always had the feeling that I’d also like to adopt at least one child, too a la Angelina and Brad. It’s one of those things I always say I would want to do if I had more time/money/the patience to deal with the process of it all.

3. Learn to bake an edible looking cake: This is one of those things that no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to do, like the character Lisa in The Transformation of Things. My cakes always collapse, turn out lopsided, or just generally look like a mess. Yes, I’m the mom with the bakery-bought birthday cakes, every single year. I’d love to learn to bake things that people actually wanted to eat, or at least, wouldn’t laugh at.

4. Help Someone in a Profound Way: I’d like to have an Oprah moment with someone, where I’m able to give a person something he/she always wanted but couldn’t get: a car, a vacation, a reunion with a long lost love, etc. Actually, I’d really like to have a foundation where I got to give these things repeatedly to lots of people.

5. Run a race: I’ve never been a runner. I was always that kid in school who used to dread running the mile and who ended up in last place, coughing, panting, and feeling like I was going to puke. Recently, I’ve been running on the elliptical a lot, and I even went so far as to go jogging outside last week. I’d love to be able to train for, run, and finish a race of some substantial distance

To read more about Jillian, head on over to her website.  Or catch up with her on Facebook and Twitter.