Lips Unsealed

What's on Belinda Carlisle's Bucket List?

When we heard that beloved Go-Go's front woman Belinda Carlisle was writing a tell-all book, we nearly squealed with glee. And when we found out that she'd be sharing her bucket list with CLIND, we channeled our inner GoGo and danced around the room to We've Got the Beat. (C'mon you know you would too!) I mean, what self-respecting child of the 80s didn't worship the Go-Go's?  To us, they defined a generation and were our first foray into "rock" music and fashion (Liz STILL listens to their Beauty and The Beat weekly on her iPod!).  And although we weren't quite able to pull off leg warmers and fluorescent belts the way those girls could, at least we were trying to get our inner "mod" on.

Belinda's memoir, Lips Unsealed, is filled with all the wild stories that her fans are dying to hear.  Stories about the band's crazy days on tour with bands like The Police and Madness and the fabulous parties and people to whom the Go-Go's had exclusive access.  But more than that, this candid memoir reveals the gritty flip side to the glitz, as Belinda shares her private struggles with abusive relationships, weight and self-esteem, plus a thirty-year battle with drug and alcohol addiction.  It's also a love letter to her lifelong friendships with the other member of the Go-Go's and to her son and husband, who led Belinda to sobriety.  We have a feeling that you won't be able to put it down!

And...we have THREE copies to give away to lucky readers.  Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win!  We'll choose the winners on Monday evening.

But for now, read on to discover the top five things Belinda has on her Bucket List! (Hint: She loves to travel!)


1.  Four-wheel driving in the uyuni desert in Southwest Bolivia
2.  To travel on the Siberian Express
3. Trek to Mt. Everest base camp
4. Do 10 days of Vipassana (silent meditation) in Rishikesh, India
5. See Tiahuanaco and Lake Titicaca
Thanks Belinda!  L&L
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