Lipstick Jungle

Kirby Atwood

kirbyatwood2Where to begin? Ladies  and gentlemen (we don't discriminate here at here he is...Mr. Kirby Atwood. I don't know where this glorious man prize was hiding before Lipstick Jungle, but I'm glad he's here now. My blog sparked a lot of conversation that ranged from people agreeing wholeheartedly that he's right up there with Josh Duhamel to those who'd never heard of him?

For those in the latter group, I'm sorry that you've been living in the dark, going through life without knowing about another prime time McHotty. But we'll consider it water under the bridge because you're in the club now! Although, as ridonculously hot as he is, I understand that he may not be your fantasy... or even the guy your husband or significant other has given you the greenlight to molest should your paths ever cross.

So now I ask the question, if not Kirby Atwood (again, the real name, really not important right now) then who?