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Must have e-books for the holidays

There are only, count 'em, 10 days until Christmas (WTF? Where has the time gone?). And whether you're looking for e-Books to load onto your own e-Reader (hey nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift-or in this case 3-this holiday!) or you want to give them as gifts, we've got a list of the e-Books everyone should read this holiday. The best part? Not only are they fab, but each one is available for less than 5 bucks! Blue Straggler by Kathy Lynn Harris. We loved this LOL funny, breezy, yet poignant read about a 30-something single girl living in Texas (and the cover is fantastic too!).

Here's the skinny on Blue Straggler: From the quirky, memorable characters who make up Bailey Miller’s circle of family and friends to that feeling of your makeup sliding right off in the humidity. Readers will easily identify with Bailey’s sometimes humorous, often semi-tragic, choices that eventually lead her out of Texas, to a small mountain town in Colorado, and back. Along the way, she searches for not only herself but also answers to long-held secrets from her “legitimately unbalanced” great-grandmother’s past. Bonus: She may even find love with a moody mountain man along the way.

Another bonus?: If you leave a comment, you'll be entered to win one of five e-copies of Blue Straggler! We'll randomly select the winners on Sunday, December 18th after 6:00p.m. PST.

To find out more about Kathy Lynn Harris, visit her website.

Growing Up Beautiful by Lori Jones.  This juicy glimpse into the inside world of modeling is a page-turner. (Jones own sixteen year modeling career definitely lends authenticity to the novel). And it's told from the alternating POV's of three models (you know we're suckers for a multiple narrative!) In a word, you will LOVE.

Here are the deets on Growing up Beautiful: In the summer of 1986, three young American women are chosen to join a modeling agency in Europe’s fashion capitol of Milan.United as roommates by chance, Star, Joanne and Casey soon find their dreamed-of careers as models taking paths as different as their personalities. Star, who leaves behind her waitress job along with a handful of crumpled up dollar tips, sees her beauty as a way move to the top of Milan’s social strata.Joanne, raised in a privileged lifestyle, is expected to continue an Ivy League education, which doesn't interest her as much as a young photographer she meets on a casting.Casey is a naïve seventeen year old who is ready for adventure, even the dangerous kind.Together, these three learn the funny, unexpected and sometimes ugly truths about growing up beautiful.

Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win one of five e-copies of Growing Up Beautiful! We'll randomly select the winners on Sunday, December 18th after 6:00p.m. PST.

To find out more about Lori Jones, visit her website.

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark. As a former TV news producer and anchor, Clark nails this novel. It's fast-paced, entertaining and gives you a deliciously voyeuristic look at the behind the scenes drama that goes on in a newsroom!

The scoop on Stay Tuned:  For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee meltdowns to her high-maintenance boss, there’s not much she hasn’t seen or can’t handle. But no one—including Melissa—expects a fistfight during the ten o’clock news. When sexy-but-crazy Alyssa Andrews lands a punch on her co-anchor’s face, Melissa jumps on set to help. She’s determined that WSGA’s reputation won’t be destroyed on her watch.Both anchors are fired and Melissa agrees to fill in—but not before polishing her look from haircut to heels. While the new Melissa wows WSGA viewers, her personal life begins fraying at the edges. Melissa’s husband is away more than he’s home, leaving cryptic Post-it notes in his wake. Her mother’s antics spiral out of control at the nursing home and a stalker makes Melissa her next target.

What happens next? Stay Tuned…

And leave a comment to win one of five e-copies of Stay Tuned! We'll randomly select the winners on Sunday, December 18th after 6:00p.m. PST.

Watch the trailer for Stay Tuned here. To find out more about Lauren Clark, visit her website.

Thanks, Kathy, Lori and Lauren!