Seven Seconds in Heaven with...The Accidental Adult

In honor of Father's Day, we thought it was high time to bring back Seven Seconds in Heaven, our special feature for all the fantastic male authors that are brave enough to hang out here at Chick Lit is not Dead!  Today we have author Colin Sokolowski, author of The Accidental Adult: Essays and Advice for the Reluctantly Responsible and Marginally Mature

Accidental Adult (n): an individual whose age indicates maturity, but whose actions indicate otherwise.

Sound familiar?

Ladies, we've all known one (Lisa dated one for three loooong years and still shudders at the thought of his bi-weekly boys nights). Hell, some of us might even be married to one now. Or at least to one that has, er, tendencies...Or we might even be one ourselves- an Accidental Adult.

Well, just in time for Father's Day, we've found the perfect gift for any self-proclaimed, closeted or man-child in denial. The Accidental Adult by Colin Sokolowski (In stores NOW! or you can order it here).  A hilarious collection of essays about the (not always easy) transition from sports cars to minivans, from lazy Sundays to soccer games, from dance clubs to school clubs.

And no matter what end of the man-boy spectrum your hubby or dad or the "man" in your life is on, he'll find this book funny- and so will you. Because, let's face it, it's not just men who can get nostalgic for their pre-adult lives.

Today we're giving away a copy of The Accidental Adult. Just leave a comment here to be entered to win!

So without further adieu, the hilarious Accidental Adult himself, Colin Sokolowski, has agreed to spend seven seconds in heaven with us...

1. Why did you write the book? No one should feel alone, and accidental adults especially need the company. I think this book tells the world it’s okay to embrace who you really are – imperfections and all. Now that it’s in bookstores, I’m already hearing from people who are saying the book taps into something very relatable for them as they stare down a quarter-life or mid-life identity crisis. One guy in Boston posted a note on my Facebook page telling me he stumbled onto the book, and he said reading it was doing his mind and soul good. Hearing that just made my entire week. I guess you could say I wrote The Accidental Adult for that guy in Boston, and for his girlfriend who’s probably trying to figure out why he and his friends are reluctant grownups. And maybe she’s discovering that she’s not that far behind him either.

2. As a self-proclaimed Accidental Adult, a husband and father of three, how do you find the balance between your pre and post minivan life? Or do you? Playing Van Halen in the minivan really helps. I also really find peace in this inner monologue that I maintain. It’s my own little silent, smart-ass sanity system where I tell myself constantly that I may be an adult by age, but I’m really not one of them. It probably sounds more like a coping mechanism, and I suppose it is. I also fake interest in a lot of things I don’t care about. I highly recommend that.

3. You tell your kids, do as I say not as I do. What have you done lately that you wouldn't want them to repeat? Riding my 1986 motor scooter without a helmet. I can make the kids wear a helmet like my parents made me, but when they’re teenagers, I imagine they’ll throw it off as soon as they scoot around the corner like I did.

4. What are the top three signs that someone is (or is in danger of becoming) an Accidental Adult?

Just three?

1. You send your 11-year-old daughter across the street to borrow a bottle of wine from the neighbors.

2. You laugh when the neighbor kids call you “Mr.” or “Mrs.” instead of using your first name.

3. You measure once and cut twice. Sometimes three times.

If you really want to find out for yourself, I’ve got an Accidental Adult Aptitude Test online at

5. What advice do you have for someone married to an Accidental Adult? You knew you were marrying a reluctant grownup, so whose fault is it? If that doesn’t buy any goodwill, I’d tell them to not expect us to be like their father. We’re not nearly as useful, but we’re probably more fun. We’re not going to properly inflate the tires before a roadtrip, but we promise to take you on a really sweet ride.

6. How does an Accidental Adult celebrate Father's Day? I’ll be trying to put together another “some-assembly-required” bicycle for my eight-year-old son and deflecting the blame when it all goes terribly wrong. (Faulty tools, poorly written instructions, insufficient materials provided . . .)

7. Are there AA (Accidental Adult) meetings? My friends and I call them Super Terrific Happy Hours, and they’re very cathartic. Instead of speeches we order a pitcher of beer and play games like, “Who can find photos of the cute local newscaster on their iPhone the fastest?” or “Who’s got the most crap in their wallet?” or “Which Disney princess is the hottest, and why?” (My vote’s with Ariel.) Then we end the night with a round of full-frontal hugs. It’s really helpful to cultivate and nurture a group of like-minded friends like mine who are similarly stunted accidental adults. This way, you’ll never truly feel alone. Unless you’re looking for company at a wine-tasting party. Then you’re probably on your own.