Pamela Morsi

Pamela Morsi's 5 Loves and a Dud

The seasons are changing once again.  But no matter what the season, you can always count on great authors and books at Chick Lit is Not Dead.  And today is no exception! We've got the lovely and talented Pamela Morsi sharing her 5 Loves and a Dud. We discovered Pamela a few years ago when we read and loved The Social Climber of Davenport Heights.  So we're thrilled that she has a new release, The Bentley's Buy a Buick and is sharing her 5 Loves and a Dud!

HERE'S THE SCOOP ON THE BENTLEY'S BUY A BUICK: Think you can trust your husband? Think again! That's what the gossipy types at Erica Bentley's new job say. Even her (multi-divorced) mom agrees. But Erica's sure she knows her husband, Tom, better than that. He says he loves her, and shows it in a million ways. Except…he has been working extra-late these days. And he's been kinda quiet. Even secretive.

Happily married Tom Bentley never thought his head could be turned—until he saw Clara. Her sleek body has him longing, and he can't get her 127" wheelbase out of his mind. That's right. Erica's "competition" is…a car.

The beautiful Buick has Tom completely car-crazy. And Erica's sleuthing is making her just plain crazy. One of them needs to come clean with their newest obsessions, before Clara drives their happy marriage into a ditch!

Sound good?  Then leave a comment and you'll be entered to win one of FIVE copies!  We'll choose the winners on Sunday October 3oth after 6pm PST.  Good luck!


1.  Coffee in bed.  Well, not “in bed” literally.  (Although I have spilled it on myself.  Definition of rude awakening.)  Preferred on the bedside table, brought by my husband.  There is no way better to start the day.  When I can just roll over, push the wild hair out of my face and get my caffeine fix, life is beautiful.

2.  GIANT HOLIDAY MEALS.    I love doing big family occasions, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July.  I have great memories of these from childhood.  I want our kids to have that same experience.  So, if the weather’s good, we set up outside.  If not, we rearrange the house into something resembling a restaurant. We’ve had as many as 29 for a sit-down dinner.  And, of course, there was the Christmas that we rented the blow-up jumpy for the front yard.  (No children were harmed in the production of this memory)  With minimal oversight, the kids manage somehow to look out for each other, allowing the parents to celebrate with some grown-up conversation.  Now that’s what I call a holiday.

3.  Live Music.   I am an old folky, bluegrass and jazz kind of gal.  But I’ll listen to anything live.  I just love the up close and personal of an in-your-face performance.  Whether it’s a strings recital, a gospel choir or the International Accordion Festival, if you will play, I will listen.  I don’t go to big-star concerts anymore.  Not since I had great seats at Jimmy Buffett and the drunken stranger next to me knew all the words to every song and sang them all evening.  (Is it really wrong to use pepper spray in a crowd?)  These days I find a lot of talent in smaller, more intimate venues.  Good sounds, good friends and a nice, cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

4.  Tuesday Breakfast Club.  I have been meeting the same group of women every Tuesday for the last seven or eight years.  There are six of us, all moms of Special Needs kids.  We were so lucky to have found each other.  There is something really freeing in being able to brag, complain or cry about your not-off-the-rack kid among women who know where you’re coming from.  They neither feel sorry for you for the hand you’ve been dealt or admire you as a heroine for doing what you’ve simply gotta do.

5.  British Drama.  After my daughter goes to bed at night, I try to catch about an hour of TV to sort of wind down.  What really does it for me is British drama.  Yes, I am totally one of those women who can spout whole segments of dialog from Jane Austen productions.  But I also love BBC mysteries like Foyle’s War, The Last Detective or Midsomer Murders.  The downside of this, of course, is that I can never retire to the south of England.  The crime rate there must be astronomical.


For me it’s shopping.  I am one of those weird women who hates to spend money, doesn’t like to try on clothes and considers wandering through shops looking at things I won’t buy as a waste of time.  Naturally, it is impossible to live a completely mall-free life.  So I plan my ventures into the retail economy like search and destroy missions.  I get in there, get what I have to have, and get out.  Let’s think of it as if I’m doing a favor.  I’m leaving all that stuff to be found by someone who can really appreciate it, maybe Liz.

Lol, Thanks so much Pamela! xo, L&L

To read more about Pamela, head on over to her website.