Pursuing The Times

eBook Week! Lauren Baratz-Logsted's Pursuing The Times

Welcome to eBook week!  We'll be showcasing fun eBooks each day for you to download and read in between your last-minute shopping.  And, duh, of course, we'll be doing some giveaways also!  Enjoy!

Today's featured eBook: Pursuing The Times by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Cost: Only $4.99 at Amazon!

Giveaway: TWO eCopies! Leave a comment here and we'll choose a winner on December 23rd after 3pm PST.

The Scoop: All that popular Chick-Lit author Mercury Lauren wants is to have one of her books reviewed by the New York Times Book Review - just one - and she'll do almost anything to get it. In this contemporary romantic comedy, with a nod toward Pride and Prejudice she crosses swords and hearts with the Editor-in-Chief of the NYTBR in a madcap adventure that takes her from her home in Westport to a yoga retreat to a golf course in Florida. Will she get what she wants and will she finally be happy if she does? Only one thing's for certain: nothing will stop her from Pursuing the Times.