Rowan Coleman

What's on Rowan Coleman's Bucket List?

We love us some Rowan Coleman. Not only is she a fabulous and talented writer, but she's fun, nice and down to Earth (as you'll see in her bucket list below). We've read and loved all of her books. The Accidental Family, Mommy By Mistake, Another Mother's Life and The Accidental Mother. And now, she's written her fifth novel, The Home For Broken Hearts (pre-order it here) and we were lucky enough to get an advanced reader copy of it! It's a heartwarming story of Ellen Wood, a young widow and mother to an eleven-year-old son who opens her Victorian home to three lodgers when she finds herself on the brink of bankruptcy. And one of her three new "roommates" turns out to be a younger man... And as typical with Rowan Coleman's books, The Home For Broken Hearts is moving and deeply insightful.

And we have 5 copies to give away! Just leave a comment here and be entered to win. The winners will be randomly selected this Friday evening! Good luck!

Now, without further adieu, here's Rowan's bucket list...

1) Dance a tango in Argentina. I love dancing, I love the sexy sultry Argentinian tango, and would LOVE to master that skill one day, preferably in the arms of some swarthy hunk.

2) Live by the sea. It might be because we Brits are an island nation, but for some reason I only ever really feel at home when I can hear the sound of waves breaking on the shore. Work and children have meant that so far its never been practical to re-locate to my beloved Cornwall, find a cliff top cottage some where remote and gaze out at the Atlantic Ocean whilst writing my book - but one day.

3) See an Elephant in the wild. To go on Safari actually and see all the wonderful, rare creatures in their natural habitat. I especially love elephants and I think to see them at home would probably bring me to tears.

4)Drive a fast car. I only got my license four years ago and since then I have been driving a very sensible little Citroen. I love my little car but one day I'd like to have the skill and confidence to drive a very fast car down a very bendy mountain road!

5) Marry my childhood sweetheart, a promise I wrote in my diary in 1987. I fell in love when I was twelve years old with the boy of my dreams, who sat in the row in front of me in class. After three years of not being able to talk to him or look him in the eye I finally realised he loved me back!  Life conspired to keep us apart for the next twenty-five years, but the way we felt about each other never changed.  Finally we are together, have a baby son and in a few weeks time will be married!

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Thanks, Rowan!

xoxo, L&L