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Should You friend your EX on Facebook? By Liz & Lisa


LISA SAYS: HIT IGNORE! I come from the dating school of thought that once you're done, you're done. If I eat bad sushi at a restaurant, I aint goin' back for more. If I get smashed on Whiskey Sours, dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly and make out with some one-eyed Jack-HYPOTHETICALLY OF COURSE ;) --It's pretty damn safe to assume I'm not going to drink Whiskey Sours--EVER AGAIN!

So, why on Earth, after ending my relationship with you, would I even be remotely interested in being your Mafia Wars partner? Or give me a good reason why I need to see that you became a fan of  In N Out?

I'm sorry, but there's a reason we broke up. And last time I checked, our relationship didn't exactly end with a high five.  So forgive me if I'm not super amped to join you in the cyberworld version of shooting the shit over a no-foam latte.

But to every rule, there are always exceptions...

And I think IF we're going to be Facebook friends, there should be a statute of limitations that expires first.

Like how 'bout a decade?

Did we share a sloppy smooch behind the monkey bars? Sure, I'll accept you!

Were you my junior high prom date who said I looked pretty in my blue taffeta? Okay!  I'm anxious to see what you look like without acne anyway!

Did I date you in high school and drink Strawberry Boons in the back of your pick up truck?  Alright! Because I'm curious to see what you look like without that mullet!

For the record, I am Facebook friends with an ex...or two...

Because our only conflict was arguing over whether or not we should show PDA in the cafeteria. So, I'll support your cause to get the thumbs down sign added to Facebook; And I'll give you a thumbs up when your status report says you're remodeling your kitchen; I'll even comment on the photo of your adorable kids in the school play! Because the worst thing you ever did to me was ignore me when your buddies walked up to your locker.

But if we broke up in the last few years, I think it's better to just forgive and forget. Because although our relationship may have seemed like high school at times-- it did end over something more complicated than you writing a different girl's name on your Trapper Keeper. Or me wearing another football player's letterman jacket.

So, look me up in ten years and if there's still a thing called Facebook by then, I definitely won't hit ignore!


LIZ SAYS: HIT ACCEPT! Come on, you know you're curious what's he's been up to and if he's traded up or down.  And the fact of the matter is that if I ignored every guy that I've swapped spit with, I'd have a lot less friends.  You see, I was quite the kissing bandit back in the day, especially after a few shots of Brass Monkey up at the Water Tower.   And I think it's just plain mean to ignore someone just because they cut my lip with their braces and used their tongue as a WMD.

Like Lisa, I'm dying to see if you had a late growth spurt and finally ditched that Nissan Sentra and your love for Steve B.  And it's so much less awkward than waiting for our um, *cough* twenty year reunion, where you're sure to get hammered and grab my ass during the group photo.

But I won't turn away the more recent exes either. Like childbirth, I've conveniently forgotten how painful our relationship was. And by the time I see your friend request, I've even convinced myself that you have enough redeeming qualities to enter my Facebook sanctuary.  And maybe, just maybe, I'm dying to know if you married that chick you dumped me for or if you ever got your snaggle tooth fixed.

So, I play nice on Facebook.

Dating for four months and you decided not to show up to my college graduation party?  No problem!  I was planning on drinking so much I blacked out that night anyway.  Oh look, we're both Susan Boyle fans!  Hurray!

Had anger management issues and tried to strangle my cat?  Merlin and I are so over it!  Oh, and thanks for letting me know you just became a fan of the middle finger and beer, just in case I was questioning my decision to kick you to the curb!

Asked out my best friend the week after we broke up?  It's cool!  I feel better after I saw the picture of you frenching your bulldog and the fact that you listed "hooking up with hot chicks" under interests.

So unless you've heard through the grapevine that your ex is a major shareholder in Starbucks and/or is dating a supermodel, I say just do it!  Trust me, It will only make you feel better about the one you're with.

xoxo Liz and Lisa

xoxo by Lisa

gossip-girl-gossip-girl-961533_1024_768 Xoxo. It means hugs and kisses or kisses and hugs depending on whom you ask. It was made popular again by Gossip Girl. (BTW-how much do we love Darota?) And it's often the way both Liz and I sign off when we're blogging, posting and emailing. So you might assume that because we use this tag line that we're affectionate people who are effusive with our emotions. Well guess again.

It's time for a confession. We may be xoxo'ers but we're not huggers and kissers by trade. In fact, Liz and I haven't truly hugged each other in, well, um, er, ever?

Not when we graduated from college.

Not at her wedding.

Not when our book was published.

Well you get the idea. Big events don't equal physical affection between Liz and Lisa.

And we don't need some $200 an hour shrink to tell us that our mechanical ways can most likely be traced back to our childhoods. Emotionally unavailable fathers much?

Case in point: Recently, Liz's 2-year-old son, Shane, hit me in the mouth with a toy golf ball and I started to cry (In my defense, the kid's got a serious arm.... and it was GNO the night before so I was also a wee bit hung over) and her daughter, Riley, was staring at me in disbelief.

Turns out, she'd never seen an adult woman cry; Her mommy, the robot, had never shed a tear. Well, except for when Chris Daughtry was unexpectedly voted off American idol.

But the funny thing is, we may be The Tin Man meets Short Circuit with each other, but with the men in our lives, children and most animals--we have no problem saying I love you and giving kisses and hugs. Maybe we do need that shrink after all?

To illustrate our stiltedness even further, I'll allow you to be a fly on the wall for a recent conversation about Liz's brother, Brian.

LISA:  "How's Brian?"

LIZ:  "Okay, um, yeah, well we're taking it day by day..."

LISA: "Ok, well, you don't have to talk about anything you don't want to talk about..."

LIZ: "Um, yeah, well, okay. Let's change the subject..."

LISA:  "Om, well, okay then... Did you see that crazy Top Model stampede footage on Perez?"

So I'm sure you can understand my surprise and confusion when after TWENTY-TWO YEARS of robotic communication, Liz recently xoxo'd--me.  I mean, I never even get as much as a "best" and now she's xoxo-ing me? WTF?

I emailed her back and jokingly asked if she meant the xoxo for someone else but I already knew the answer-clearly she'd made a mistake. And I had my next blog topic!

But had it been a flub or was it more of a Freudian slip? Suddenly it all came crashing the morning after you hook up with a one-eyed Jack. (True story that I'll save for another post!)

On New Year's Eve she'd left me a message and said she *gulp*  loved me.

But the next morning, when I logged onto Facebook and saw the  bleary-eyed pictures of her escapades on the Queen Mary (BTW, Liz, the Queen Mary, really?) I chalked it up to the fact she was hammered.

But still, I didn't think I'd ever heard those three little words from her before...were we, um, ready for that?

Was she getting soft on me? I thought about possible explanations. She did turn 35 this year...was that it? Or could it be all that spiritual enlightenment sh** she'd been yapping about lately that I prayed was a phase? Was she "changing" our unsaid arrangement that had been working really well for us?

Because the thing is, it's not like we're a couple of stone cold beyotches. I'm proud to say that our friendship has lasted over two decades. And in that time, there's only been one girl fight. (If a bent thumb even qualifies?)

So in honor of almost a quarter life of knowing each other, here are some of our unwritten rules of how our friendship works and how we show each other we care.  (They're all kind of back handed & sarcastic, but hey, that's how we roll.)

As long as I don't call or text her after 11PM, she's always there for me :)

As long as she doesn't call me at work, I've always got her back.  (Work Lisa isn't always a walk in the park!)

Pre-coffee discussions of any kind are only in a case of an emergency.

We're like family. (Well, if you don't count the fact my dad asked her who she was when she tried to friend him on Linkdin.) Bob Steinke's real sorry, I promise.

Her kids call me Auntie Lisa. (Well, me and like 25 others, but hey, I'll take it.)

Liz has logged enough hours counseling me after my many, many break ups that I think she could qualify for an MFT. (Let's put it this way-- I know she's thanking one of those spiritual enlightenment people of hers that I FINALLY met Matt!)

The bottom line is that when you've known someone since they had a unibrow and thought it was cool to drink Strawberry Boones in the back of a pick up truck, it goes without saying that overt affection or not, we are BFF's.

So, in honor of getting older (My 36th birthday is March 30th-hint, hint, hint everyone!) and hopefully wiser, Liz, I accept your xoxo and I raise you an xo!