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My So-Called Resolutions by Liz

It's that time of year again. Time for my so-called resolutions.

I found myself, New Years morning, fingers poised on my keyboard as I tried to write an Facebook-worthy resolution status.  The usual suspects came to mind, I'm going to me more positive, I'm going to lose ten pounds, etc...And even though there were tons of things I wanted to improve about myself (hello, self hate!), I had a damn hard time coming up with something Facebook worthy.  The only thing that made me feel better?  I had finally learned how to spell the word resolution without using spell check.  Check that off the 2011 list please!

But after some very deep soul searching, I've come up with my 2012 list. And I want to hear about yours too!  Leave me a comment and I'll enter you to win an ARC of Spin by Catherine McKenzie.  I'll choose the winner on January 15th after 6pm PST.


1. Make more time for the things I love Is there an available fairy godmother out there?  Because I need to make a few more hours in the day. I struggled in 2011 to find time to write-something I'm determined to change in 2012.  One step in the right direction?  The BOSE noise cancelling headphones I got last month.  They're so awesome that the house could be F'ing burning down around me and I wouldn't hear shit.  But, at last I'll finally have that peace and quiet I've been craving to get some writing done.

2. Get my funny back Where the F*CK has it been? I blame a lack of trashy reality TV watching on my part-something I vow to correct ASAP. (You hear that, Dance Moms?)  And anyway, considering this is an election year, I'm going to need all the funny I can get! *cue a million ridiculously annoying campaign ads*

3. Read MORE  Yes, gi-normous TBR pile, I'm talking to you. I'm going to make you my bitch in 2012.  Consider yourself warned.

4. Get in shape    *snorts*  I know, I know.  But if you count carrying three grocery bags on each arm once a week weight training, then at least I'm doing something, right?

5. Skip the fad diets Last month, that freakin' HCG diet made me a horrible, hungry ogre who wanted to gnaw on her husband's arm like a hambone.  And those annoying people who claimed they were NEVER HUNGRY while on it?  LIARS!!!  Instead? I downloaded Net Diary, an AWESOME app that helps you track your calories.  The anal type-A control freak in me is jumping up and down that I can count every single morsel that enters my mouth in 2012.  Except for that BLT with avocado my drunken alter ego devoured at 1am in Vegas last weekend.  But let's just pretend that never happened....

Bonus so-called resolution: 

Finish our next book- This one's easy.  At almost 40,000 words and a writing retreat coming up later this month, we should be ready to shop it by March.  Want a quick peek at the premise?  Hmmm...All I'll say is that it's about two childhood best friends who get themselves in a sticky situation and it's called The Toast. You'll have to wait on the rest!

*raises glass* Here's to a great 2012!  I hope it's your best year EVER!  xoxo, Liz