5 Things Liz & Lisa Didn't Know about....Julie Buxbaum

Julie Buxbaum might just have the best book covers evuh! The cover for her novel, After You, (out in paperback now) tells a story all its own. If we saw it in the bookstore, we'd pick it up instantly and flip it over to read the back, wanting to know more. (which is what you should do next time you're in Target. It was just picked as a Target Breakout Book!) And that's exactly what Lisa did when she noticed Julie's first book, The Opposite of Love in Barnes and Noble. And she's so happy she did!

For us, the cover is half the battle.  And with both books, Buxbaum doesn't disappoint. Her novels grab you from the moment you see them sitting on the shelf at your favorite book store to the moment you turn the last page, sorry to see the story end.

After you is the gripping story eight-year-old Sophie who witnesses her mother Lucy's death. Lucy's best friend, Ellie, immediately travels across the Atlantic ocean to help Sophie who's stopped speaking and whose father has retreated to drinking to deal with his own grief. To help Sophie, Ellie turns to the book, The Secret Garden. And as she begins to discover things about her best friend's life, she also must face things about her own- things her best friend didn't even know. Anyone who's had a past full of regret, a best friend or a lost love will relate to this book. And if you'd like to win one of five copies, leave a comment here!

We're thrilled to be learning more about this talented author. Just like so many of our other fave's, she's got a great sense of humor. And, apparently, so does her husband (wait 'til you find out how he proposed!). So....drum roll please... here's 5 Things we didn't know about...Julie Buxbaum.

1. I have the handwriting of a six year old. Somehow, I have gotten through high school, college and law school, and yet I’ve never learned how to hold a pen properly. That should really be on the SAT.

2. I know this is blasphemous, but I hate to shop. Despise it. Not only because my body is incredibly disproportionate—my top half and bottom half are more than a little mismatched, which definitely makes the shopping thing harder—but mostly because I hate to make any decisions.  In fact, would prefer to never have to make any decisions at all.  About anything.  Even what topping to put on my pizza. Or whether I want pizza at all.  Maybe I want chicken. Or tacos.  See, hate decisions.  Hate them. And thus, shopping too.

3. I am that person who shows up at the airport, only to find out their flight is tomorrow, or yesterday, or ten minutes ago. Shortly thereafter, I am that person who cries at the check-in counter.

4. I’ve read THE SECRET GARDEN at least one hundred times. Which is why it plays such a huge role in AFTER YOU.  I think it is as close to a perfect book as you can get.

5.  After meeting my husband for the first time, I turned to my best friend and said, “You never know who you’re going to meet that’s going to change your life.” Little did I know, though, that seven years later, after kidnapping me and whisking me off to Tahiti, he would propose.  But that’s not the interesting part.  Upon taking me to the most romantic spot on the planet, how did my future husband pop the question? Did he get down on one knee and declare his abiding love in a move that would be befitting the setting?  Nope.  He thought it was a much better idea to moon me.  Yup, my husband proposed via lipstick on his butt.  Of course I said yes.

To learn more about Julie, follow her on Twitter and Facebook. You should also check out her sassy new blog, Julie has writer's blog.