What's On Jane Porter's Bucket List?

When we got our mitts on an advanced reader copy of She's Gone Country (debuts today- buy a copy here!) it was love at first read. *Sigh* There's just something about the way Jane writes that makes us feel like we're sitting right there in the scene. (And that's saying a lot because it's hard to keep our focus for long- especially Liz who can often have the attention span of a gnat!) We've been a huge fan of Jane Porter since Flirting With Forty and were excited to crack open her latest. She's Gone Country is the story of former Sports Illustrated model, Shey Darcy, who moves back home to Texas with her three teenage sons after her husband tells her he's in love with someone else. Enter Shey's ex-crush, sexy Dane Kelly (don't you just love these names?) a national bull riding champ (Lisa pictures a Tim McGraw type--ooh, ahh!) and the drama begins to unfold. It's a beautifully written, compelling story about a mother trying to do her best raising her sons after divorce while also trying to figure out what she deserves in life.

She's Gone Country makes you want to buy some cowboy boots and head down to Texas... or at the very least, a country western bar for some two steppin'!  In fact, Jane's running an amazing contest for those who want to experience their inner cowgirl- yee haw! Click here for the fun deets!

And for some lucky commenters, we also have 5 copies of She's Gone Country to give away! Y'all (y'all seems appropriate considering the book) know the drill. We'll randomly select the winners this Wednesday! Now, here's Jane!

5 Things on Jane Porter's Bucket List....

I'm a travel junkie. It's my poison. I literally work so I can plan my next trip and so everything on my bucket list is related to a new travel adventure. So the top 5 on that bucket list would be--

1) Go to Morocco!

Spend a month exploring Morocco from the coast to the cities to the Atlas Mountains. I've written 5 romances set in Morocco so actually going there would be heaven.

2) Visit Dubai.

Another place I've used as a setting that I'd love to visit in real life. How does reality compare to my sheikh inspired fantasies? Could I even afford to the hotels? And where are those great shopping deals?

3) Do a luxury African safari

I spent a year living in South Africa at 17 and studied African lit while attending UCLA so Africa is definitely in my blood. I'd love to go to Botswana, Zambia or South Africa for one of those decadent Out of Africa type safaris where they set up tents and you eat by candlelight with real china and crystal. I'd wear wonderful khaki clothing that would make me look like Katherine Hepburn and then at night slip into a lovely chiffon like dress that would catch on the thorn bushes. I know, I know not very eco travel friendly but I love the idea of finally being interesting and glamorous.

4) Take one of those round-the-world cruises that last 180 days with my man.

In all honesty I don't think my surfer guy would enjoy being cooped up with me on a cruise ship in a small cabin (or even a large cabin) for 18 days much less 180, but I love being on a ship at sea and picture myself sitting on the deck wrapped in something or other (soggy beach towel?) reading great fiction and fascinating biographies while taking in the fresh salt air.

5) Greece - all of it

I want it all. A month in an Athens apartment. A couple weeks sailing from island to island, and then a couple weeks on different islands to really understand the country and the culture. And because I have a wonderful guy, I'm not looking for another, but what is a bucket list without one lustful thought? If I'm actually going to embrace all of Greece, I'd really like to have a gorgeous Greek male in his prime, that's blessed with broad shoulders, thick dark hair (on his head, not his back) who gives me the slow, smoldering once over. Ah, heaven.

And that's my bucket list. Rather sad because there's no mountain climbing involved, no heli-skiing, or sweating in a hot yoga hut. I'm not trying to learn a foreign language or come up with a cure or make the world a better place. I'm just spoiling me. Not at all altruistic but it is my list and heck, it all sounds really really fun.

It sounds fun to us too, Jane. (And if it makes you feel any better, our bucket lists would be all about spoiling ourselves too!)

To find out more about the fabulous Jane Porter, visit her website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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