The Swimmer's Assistant

eBook Week: Amber Myer's The Swimmer's Assistant

Featured eBook: The Swimmer's Assistant by Amber Myers Cost: .99!  WOW.  How can you NOT buy a copy?

Giveaway: TWO copies!  Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a copy.  We'll choose the winners after 3pm on December 23rd.

The scoop: Meet Jane Williams. She doesn’t understand the popularity of Twilight, can’t walk properly in high heels, struggles to speak Starbucks (venti what?), and nearly drowned in the toilet when she was a baby.

Meet Brian Parker. He’s a star swimmer with a temper and has just hired Jane to be his assistant as he trains for the London Olympics.

Enter the problem. Jane has developed feelings for Brian which is ridiculous because he has a dog who hates her, he chews with his mouth open, and has a perfect Twilight-obsessed girlfriend named Vanessa who plays Cinderella at Disneyland. Surely her crush can’t amount to anything. Or can it? There was that time when they nearly kissed…..