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Play Nooky with Liz & Lisa

We were thrilled when so many of you flipped for Liz & Lisa this past summer.  Y'all were amazing- we reached our goal of 1000 new "likes" on our Chick Lit is not Dead Facebook fan page in record time and named not one but TWO top fans who each received a YEAR OF BOOKS.  You heard that right.  So not only did we give a away a bangin' Flip Slide HD camera, we also gifted two very deserving fans with TWELVE books from authors we've had on the site in 2010.  Not to mention our Friday book giveaway. And being the complete giveaway whores that we are, we loved every minute of it! Which is why we're about to do it again!

Only this time, instead of flipping for us, we're hoping that you, your Facebook friends and your Twitterverse will come play Nooky with us. That's right, as soon as we hit 3530 "likes" on our Facebook page, we'll be randomly choosing one lucky fan to win, a B&N Nook- our favorite ereader!

And there will be a lot of other ways to win too. We'll also still be giving away a book each "Nooky Friday" and will be crowning yet another "Top Fan"!

And the best part of all?  It's so damn easy to win!  Want to know how?

Just give us your friends.

Your Facebook friends that is. All you have to do is “encourage” (you know… bribe, force or even threaten) your Facebook friends to “like” our Facebook page. Just one little click of the mouse. Because our little hearts flutter each time someone hits that little like button. (I know, we have issues...)

So…for every 1,000 people who click that “like” box (with the thumbs up sign) located on the top of our fan page, we will enter them and you (you’re automatically entered if you’re already a fan) to win a B&N Nook (retails for $149). Named "One of the Ten Best Gadgets" in 2010 by Us News & World Report, it will be the ultimate stocking stuffer this holiday season. And with it’s built-in wireless connection, you can download over a million titles in less than 60 seconds! (How’s that for instant gratification?) When we hit our goal, we'll randomly select a winner. Once the winner is announced, he or she will have ten days to claim the Nook!

Here’s how you can help us get from 2530 to 3530 fans (That’s the magic number!):

1. On Facebook and haven't "liked" us yet yet?  It’s okay, we’re not judging.  Just click here or on the Facebook icon located on the upper right side of this page (right below the “connect with us” banner).

2. Suggest the page to your friends on Facebook.  How?  By clicking “suggest to friends” underneath our Liz & Lisa coffee cup photo located on our Facebook fan page.  It’s the easiest way to personally ask people to come on over and join the fun.  And it just takes a minute!

3. Go to your Facebook profile page. In the status box, write an “encouraging” message asking your friends to become a fan of our page on Facebook. Make sure to tag in your status update. (In case you don’t know, to “tag”, you simply type @ and then and will come up as a live link in blue.)

3. Be sure to tell your friends that in exchange for simply “liking” us, they have a chance to win a Nook. Because, let’s be honest, everyone wants to know what’s in it for them! And who doesn’t want to win something?

4. And for you overachievers (you know who you are!) you can always tweet a link to our Facebook page as well. Be sure to include our handle @Lizandlisa because we’ll be watching and looking for our top fan (more on that in a minute).

And don’t forget that we’re planning a giveaway every Friday. If you’re on Twitter, RT any of our “Nookie Fridays” tweets and/or tag us in your Facebook status and you’ll be entered to win the prize we’re giving away that day.  This Friday, we’re giving out a copy of Seven Year Switch by Claire Cook.

And last, but definitely not least, we’re also honoring our top fan. The fan that goes above and beyond to help us reach our goal. We’ll announce that winner after we reach our goal. And, don’t worry, there will be another fantabulous prize for that person too.

So let’s get tagging and tweeting so we can give this Nook away!  We were blown away by your support during our Flip for Liz & Lisa campaign.  You have no idea how much we appreciate all of you.  Thank you so much!  Now can you please do it again? =)

xoxo, Liz & Lisa

Flip for Liz & Lisa

We've got news!

And we haven't been this excited about something since, well, Spanx. You know how we're total giveaway whores? Well, it's because we love giving away things in exchange for those comments of yours that we crave so much. Because we love you guys. We love your support and hearing from you and finding out what you like (and what you don't-although, luckily, our negative Nelly commenters have been few and far between).

And to show you our appreciation for your support, we think we've come up with a pretty damn good contest with some pretty damn good prizes (if we do say so ourselves!). To be part of this, it's simple. Easier than 90 second rice in the microwave or Nairing off your mustache.

Just give us your friends.

Your Facebook friends that is. All you have to do is "encourage" (you know... bribe, force or even threaten) your Facebook friends to "like" our Facebook page. Just one little click of the mouse. That's it. Because we're not just contest whores, we're fan whores too. What can we say? We just want to be liked. Maybe it's the awkward, Aqua Net spraying, Lee Press on Nail wearing, braces sporting, high school girls still living inside of us.