honeymoon period

The Nest Won't Leave Me Alone! By Lisa

It's been four months since I said, "I do." (Feel free to raise a glass and toast me! *wink* *wink*) And I've yapped before about how I'm going to milk this honeymoon period for all it's worth. That I'm going to live in my post-wedded state of bliss for as long as I possibly can. Reaping all the benefits of being a newlywed. But there's something that won't let that happen. Something that constantly reminds me that I have "things to do" and "responsibilities" to uphold. Something that continues to bug me about the list of tasks I must now accomplish because I'm married. Something that just. Won't. Leave. Me. Alone.

The Nest!

I signed up for The Nest while in the midst of a pre-wedding guilt trip when I was trying to get organized. And don't get me wrong, I love the concept of The Nest. (A dear sister of one of my other love-hate relationships, The Knot.  It gives you valuable tips about everything from money to bedroom activity. If only it gave me these tips when I ASKED FOR THEM. Instead, I receive emails like this:

"Honey, it's been three months since your wedding. Can you believe it? Now stop sitting around on your newlywed ass and get in gear and start acting like a married woman. You have things to do!"

Okay, so maybe that's not what the email actually says, but just what it makes me feel like. In fairness, it's a lot more innocent than that. Simply giving me much-needed pointers about important things like how to change your name (more on that in a minute). And it's just doing it's job. After all, I remember checking that box, agreeing to these unsolicited emails. Damnit!

It's reminders like this that bug me:

Time to change your name! Sooo...Lisa... have you taken care of this yet? Have you marched yourself down to the social security office and filed the paperwork to go from Steinke to Dannenfeldt (only legally- I'll still be Steinke in the writing world).

Well, The Nest, the answer is yes and no. Yes, I've changed my name. No, I haven't changed my driver's license. And every time you remind me to change my name, it reminds me that I need to get my booty down to the DMV and take my written test and officially *grabs tissue* hand in my California license in exchange for an Illinois one. And maybe I'm just not ready to do that!!!

Time to talk about money! So... Lisa... have you made that appointment with your spouse to have the "money talk" yet?

Um, no, The Nest, I haven't. I can barely find time to get frisky with him (see Don't fall into a rut). Do you think it's really feasible that we'll schedule a meeting to discuss what he doesn't want me to buy? Um, I hate to break it to you, The Nest, but I'll be delaying that meeting as long as possible!

Don't fall into a rut! Lisa, you need to keep that romance alive! Don't let things get stale. Here's some tips on keeping things hot! Candles, soft music...

Okay, Is this The Nest or Cosmo? I thought I was signing up for decorating tips here! The Nest, I'm not sure HOW you get your information, but okay, so maybe between traveling and family and schedules, there hasn't been much Barry White playing lately. But I'm on it. Don't you worry. I know how to keep my man happy and it doesn't require any wax.

But I do have a confession. I haven't stopped subscribing to The Nest. It's kind of like that tough love friend or that, um, extra helpful in-law. It just wants to help me. And I'm not going to turn away the advice. I just may not take it every time.  Or ever. We'll see. Give me a second to be married first!