5 things Liz & Lisa didn't know about...The authors of the Nanny Diaries


Can you pinch us? It's really happening... The New York Times Bestselling authors of THE NANNY DIARIES, Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus are here for the debut of our latest series "5 things Liz and Lisa didn't know about..." where we ask our favorite authors to dish out juicy and secret tidbits about their lives. Because we're just nosy like that-and know you are too!

We're like kids on Christmas. Or women who accidentally happened upon a majuh sale.  Or moms who've just been given a party pass to go out while daddy stays home. We know we're giddy but when authors like McLaughlin and Kraus, not only agree to be interviewed but also wanted to interview us you have a burning desire to stand up and shout from the rooftops, "HELL YEAH!" Or at the very least to, um, blog about it.

And we're sure you've heard but Nanny's baaaaaaack! Look for  NANNY RETURNS on December 15th or pre order it here. The sequel to the critically acclaimed NANNY DIARIES picks up 12 years later...after the discovery of the nanny cam that nanny left behind...and she gets sucked right back into the world she left behind. So. juicy.

Just like the 5 things we didn't know about Emma and Nicola!

1.  We have date night. When in the phase of generating a first draft we try to see each other once a week for a movie or the theater.  And it's always that delicious high school feeling like it's been FOREVER since we hung out. Even though we've talked a minimum of five times on the phone that day.  And we won't even count the emails.

2.  We have codependent food fixations. When on tour one of us will invariably say, "Ooo, do you think they'll have _____ here?" (Fill in the blank with some random local treat.)  Invariably "they" will not, and neither will the local diner, bakery or supermarket.  Cut to us trying to construct key lime pie/peanut butter cupcake/baked Alaska from an assortment of over priced stale goods out of a mini bar fridge.

3.  We are suckers for the charming.We may talk a tough game about the moneyed folks and the places they hang but, no matter how much we yell at ourselves, we still go weak in the knees for an enchanting wallpaper.  Curse you, Osborne and Little!

4.  We believe in the Law of Attraction. Call it what you will, the power of intention, cognitive behavioral therapy, if you build it he will come-after a decade of partnership we've learned that holding a positive vision is job criteria numero uno.

5.  We feel better about life just knowing Angelina Jolie is out there. Rocking motherhood, neutral casuals, airplane navigation and Amnesty International.  If she were a religion, we'd join.

Thanks, ladies!

xoxo, Liz & Lisa

For more about Emma and Nicola and their other FAB books, CITIZEN GIRL, DEDICATION, and THE REAL REAL, check out www.emmaandnicola.com. And click here to become their fan on Facebook.