"To Do" or not "To Do"

Mommy, why aren't the presents wrapped? People often ask me how I get anything done. With two kids, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and two jobs , life can get a little crazy.  But what they don't know is that all along I've had a secret weapon.  Something that saves me from jumping off a bridge when my "to-do" list spans two pages.

My husband.

I'm not gonna lie, I *might* let some people assume that I  do it all by myself.  And in my defense, Hubby has always been a low-profile type of guy. So, he doesn't want the credit anyway, right?  Well, at least that's what I tell myself so I have a good reason to keep my secret weapon "secret".

Well, at least until he went out of town for a week.

When a business meeting and death in the family came back-to-back, (RIP Grandpa Fenton, this one's for you!) I found myself Mike-less for a full seven days.  And while I kissed his cheek and bid him safe travels, I was slightly worried, knowing that I was now in charge of his daily chores, aka "all the things Liz HATES to do!"

Take out the trash!

Clean up dog poop!

Do the laundry!

Change that ginormous five gallon water bottle!

Get two children to two different schools in two cities by 8am!

And the thing I hate most:


Let's just say that this week gave "bad hair day" a whole new meaning.  I've always taken advantage of the fact that Mike takes exactly 15.5 minutes to get ready each morning and load him up with the morning chores while I primp for the day.  Now I was up at the crack of dawn, just so I *might* have the chance to run the straight iron through my hair for five minutes after I fed all the demanding children, dogs and guinea pigs. (Who knew those pigs could scream louder than the kids?)

And each morning, at 8:05am, I walked in to the nearest Starbucks and ordered an extra shot Americano with a satisfied smile on my face.  I did it!  Everyone was clothed, fed, and reasonably happy. (Well, except for those damn guineas, but those f*ckers are impossible to please!)

This week had given me a true appreciation for all the things the hubs does each day.   It had been so long since I taken out the trash that I had no idea where to even find the key to our gate.  And where did we keep the detergent again? So it made me feel good to know that I could do it on my own, if push came to shove.  And btw, this is where I give a HUGE shout out to single Moms and Dads everywhere who do it on their own each day-you have my utmost respect!

But Mike, just so you know, I F'ing ROCKED the TO DO list in your absence.

I got those ridiculously heavy trash cans to the curb even before our anal 80-year neighbor!

I did not one, not two, but THREE loads of laundry. (But do I have to fold and put way too?  I know you have a "system" so I left that part for you.)

I changed the Sparklett's bottle with minimal water damage to the kitchen floor. (Too bad I can't say the same for the cashmere sweater I was wearing at the time!)

I wore out the pooper-scooper. (Remind me again why I've been begging for a third dog?)


I left all the Christmas present wrapping for you.  Even I have my limits. And since you'll be home in plenty of time for Christmas, there's no reason to tarnish the Fenton name with my lackluster wrapping skills, right?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now I know why!  Thank you, Hubs, for all that you do each day.  And please know that although I was a totally awesome Mom/Dad hybrid all week, I'm giving all your chores back to you the minute you walk back in the door!

xoxo, Liz