My binge watching addiction: Scandal (And ten questions that must be answered)

imagesRemember those days when you used to watch TV?  When you used to sit on the couch on a Saturday and devour The Real Housewives of New Jersey or When Harry Met Sally for the thousandth time--when you had nothing else to do, nowhere else to be, no one asking if they can turn on Spongebob Squarepants. *big huge sigh* Those were the days.  I often wondered if I'd ever again lay in bed and watch TV until my eyes burned. I had never having binge watched anything, always too scared to commit to something I couldn't finish, to fall down that Netflix rabbit hole. But when the kids brought home a nasty bug that took me down faster than Juan Pablo's fifteen minutes of fame, with a 102 degree temperature and nothing but time on my hands, I found myself queuing up the first episode of Scandal.

Two days and two seasons later, I was officially in love with that speech-giving, over-sighing, sassy overcoat wearing Olivia Pope.  She was my new hero. I loved the way she stomped into rooms and shot her words out like bullets, the way she could fix just about anything except for her own hot mess of a life, the way she rocked a pants suit. I was officially hooked on Scandal.

But I have a few damn questions for y'all.

1. Olivia is one busy-ass woman.  So how does she have all that time to sit in her office, staring out the window with her lips parted perfectly? And is she charging her clients for that?

2. What is UP with those horrible bangs in all the flashbacks?  We get it, it was two years ago and maybe she couldn't find a reputable stylist on the campaign trail.  But really? REALLY?!

3. Why is everyone still using BLACKBERRYS in the first season? I don't care if it's a matter of national security, they need to upgrade to an iPhone. (That Windows phone that showed up in the second season looks pretty lame too.)

4. Did the President really not think having sex on the desk with his mistress in the oval office would be caught on camera? We have cameras at almost every intersection in America at this point--but he believes the White House is camera free?

5. Why doesn't Olivia ever close her blinds?  I close my blinds if I don't have make up on, but Olivia cuddles with the leader of the free world on her couch and makes out with the majority leader  in her living room and NEVER CLOSES HER BLINDS. W. T. F!

6. It's not fair that one woman looks that good in white. (Not a question, just something I felt needed to be said.)

7. Does anyone else laugh every time Captain Jake tries to do something grown up, like breaking and entering, or making out with Olivia, or killing someone?  Sorry, he'll always be Noel from Felicity to me.

8. Really?  Olivia still has a land line? REALLY?!

9.  We get that the President is the most powerful man in the world, the leader of the free world, blah blah blah.  Do they really need to say it SO MUCH?

10. What happens in season 3? Wait, don't tell me, I'm just about to start! #nospoilersplease

So tell me, what is your binge watching indulgence?