The (Inanimate) Object of my Affection (part 3)

VitamixYou all might remember that infamous scene in Father of the Bride where Bryan gets his fiance a blender. And she freaks out. And although it's always been one of my favorite movies, I have to be honest, I never got the problem with giving your bride-to-be an appliance? Maybe because I think like a man. (Or a woMAN as I have mentioned before.) Or maybe it's because I can be a bit of a robot (cough *emotionally unavailable*) so that means the things that top my list of wants from my spouse aren't poetry or flowers or chocolates. I'm not big on Valentine's Day or Hallmark cards either. And while I wouldn't balk at those romantic gestures, I think it's far HOTTER to ask for the things that turn me on or that I can turn on. You know like a juicer (my Christmas present) or my recent birthday gift, the Vitamix Professional series 300!  OMG! The Vitamix. The latest inanimate object of my affection... (Because, don't tell him, but there have been others! The Keurig, the Magic Bullet...)

I'd been eyeing him for months on the endcap of an aisle at Target. I'd get a little giddy as I'd pass him with my shopping cart. Flirting with the idea of just taking him home right there and having my way with him. But I waited. I was patient. I dropped a lot of hints to my husband about my love of smoothies and soups and all things pureed. I hoped that my husband would be okay with an open marriage, that he would understand I could have eyes for something else. I hoped when I opened my birthday present, my beloved Vitamix would be inside. And he was!

And last night, I made delicious tortilla soup. This morning I made a smoothie. (And it was like a Jamba Juice quality creation!) And tomorrow? I might make a sauce. Oooh...

So do tell, ladies, am I alone in this or is there an inanimate object that gets your heart pumping the same way a candlelight dinner might?